Sometime in the afternoon yesterday, I did’nt even have a clue that I will be holding an iPad in a few hours.
It all began when I read a blog written on Ipad by one of my EMC managers. After reading the article, my hands started getting itchy. 😉

Actually, I already had it in the back of my mind, when Bharath mailed me about Masachussetts tax holiday Ipad deals. I was still in doubt whether to buy or not and was just browsing thru, my eyes just lit up when I read one of my Facebook taglines "When you want something in life, you just gottu reach out and grab it" *, and within a minute or so, I called the Apple showroom to buy iPad online. But they said they had a limited stock and I had to buy it directly from the showroom and the showroom would open 6am next day.

Well I got up at 5 in the morning, asked my room mate to come along to the mall. It was 6.30 when we reached the Natik mall. The entire place seemed deserted, but when we took a turn near the Apple showroom, there was already a big queue. We spent almost an hour the queue and then, ohhh baby, I’d bought one of the coolest gadgets of all time 🙂

This was not it, when we reached home, Sundeep had prepared dosas and curry, an awesome way to start off my last weekend here..

* This is my favourite quote from the movie "Into the wild"

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