Krishna’s chores

My son often runs up to me, looks at me and I would know he wants me to hold him up in my arms. Just like that he usually doesn’t talk much yet but he makes us understand what he wants with his cute expressive eyes. 

When someone tries to tutor him he doesn’t give a shit. He does what he wants to do anyway, he would’ve understood what he was being told but chooses to ignore it if it doesn’t interest him.

When he falls or gets hurt or something it’s not his fault and someone around him has to take a blame for it because it’s their fault.

Both me and my son have watched cartoons on tv but I don’t know how, but at 2 and a half years he’s overtook me in remembering things. When we re-watch the cartoon, he would know what’s gonna happen next.

Takes his own sweet time be it playing on a swing or seesaw or slide.  But once he starts playing there’s no stopping.

Knows who’s who – Gels very well with nice people n gives a cold shoulder to others. I don’t know how he judges people but he’s damn right in doing that.

And he’s best at one thing that I would probably never be able to do – calming down his angry mom, it takes just a few seconds for him. Warm hugs n smile is all it takes for him . Such a charmer 

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