Las Vegas n Grand Canyon Experience

We gave ourselves one of the most luxurious travel experience for our Baby moon trip. We flew to LAS VEGAS!!. Vegas trip was CRRAAAAZZZY! Seriously, it was a lot to take in. We had a lot of fun like we flew in a Helicopter, visited Grand Canyon, gambled a lot, broadway shows, roamed around on the strip, visited number of casinos what not! We had a lot of fun, it’s not what we’re used to.. nor would I want to get used to it. 

Las Vegas
Las Vegas

Bally’s Las Vegas-

This is where we stayed in and spent most of our time gambling. The location is just amazing it’s is really in the heart of the strip which is exactly where we wanted to be!. We stayed on the North tower. 

Caesars Forum Shops-

This has got to be my favorite mall on the planet!. The architecture is magnificent and we ended stopping literally ever few steps taking plenty of pictures. We felt like we were in a Roman village while walking around because of the ceilings being painted like the sky and the floors felt like we were walking on cobblestone. We had our lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in the mall and saw the Atlantis show there (in front of the Cheesecake Factory)

ARIA Resort & Casino-

The beautiful ARIA hosted our Cirque de Soleil show Zarkana. We spent sometime window shopping at The Shops at Crystals and we stopped by for dinner at mouth watering Wolfgang Puck Pizzas


Going up to the observation deck (108th Floor) was amazing and was one of the highlight of our trip sure. Views of Las Vegas from The observation deck was stunning. My wife dint let me do the thrill rides. It would’ve been awesome had I done that.


It was great to watch the Fountain show from the street. We strolled around and had a quick bite in one of the Bellagio restaurants. Indoor botanical gardens in Bellagio was way too impressive.

Mirage Volcano-

Watching the water stop running and then the volcano erupt was super cool. Again, we watched the show from the strip.

Zarkana – Cirque de Soleil-

I only got to see one show when I was in Las Vegas. I’m so glad I chose this one! The show itself is fantastic and amazing! An amazing display of skill, strength and artistic creativity. The stunts are beyond belief and the quality of the show was as good as anything I’ve seen.

Helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon-

Excellent experience, all the way through from picking us up from the hotel till the banks of Colorado rivers. We were lucky to have got the front seats in Helicopter. Needless to say the helicopter ride was incredible, beautiful views. We flew over the famous Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Cracking bit of lunch down at the bottom of the canyon (sandwich, some crisps and a couple of glasses of fizzy champagne) on the banks of the mighty Colorado river. I’ve made a video of our ride ->

The Deuce-

If you can get a seat, this is a nice way to travel up and down the strip. We got a top level window seat and it was like a free sightseeing tour of the strip.