Keep calm and keep tripping-

When I look back at myself over the years, its filled with so many memories, most of them are about of my visits to amazing places. I’ve had a bunch of friends who’ve had similar travel interests which helped me travel places in the past. Post marriage my wife has been an awesome travel partner.

I’ve always had this crave to travel, an extreme desire to travel to remote places, get disconnected from chores, experience solitude, yada yada yada

To me, there are like ‘crave to travel stages’, first up, I start getting kinda travel itch, a small thought that keeps lingering in my mind .
Next stage, I stop concentrating on my work and start reading about places that I could visit.
Then, I just get into the mood of packing my bags and leaving (for good ). there’s no stopping at stage 3 though!

The big news – I’m becoming a father soon, which means I wont be able to take travel breaks for the next couple of years. That’s how the usual story goes.  Well not for me, I have already started planning a trip before my dear wife gets into her 3rd trimester.
Nowadays clichéd as a Baby-moon trip. Well yeah we’ve already started planning a safe fun trip. Giggle giggle