Deshay Basara in an Hour

Avatar and Inception in 2010..
Mission Impossible 4 in 2011 and its time for The Dark Knight Rises at the Jordon's iMax.. I'm all pumped up now..another 30 minutes 
Jordon's iMax the best movie experience!!


US ways of life that I love

Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, amazon, Dealnews
Car drives, Regal Cinemas, Gym
Natick, Wrentham, Walmart, Patel brothers, BJs
Dunkin donuts, Starbucks, Sichuan, iHop, Chipotle, Office canteen salad n Casadilla
Office, office, office, office, office and weekend
Lots a phone calls to India
All these with the numero uno reason to travel to US $$$$$$ss.. 

I'm back in US today n I'm here for another 4 months.. 🙂