Road to ILP-Trivandrum

I reached Trivandrum at around 11 am. Airport seemed very calm with hardly few people around. I collected my baggage and came out to see rickshaw drivers and taxi drivers bouncing on me. I somehow managed to get away from them. I enquired a few people around about the ‘Technopark’. Some of them suggested me to go to nearby ‘East Fort’ and board a bus to Technopark from there.
I carried my luggage for some distance, and decided rickshaw would be a better choice. I hired an auto, and I had to shell out 120 bucks for that.
Technopark is about 30 minutes drive from airport. Trivandrum is like a calm town rather than a city, with thick vegetation and thin population. Lots of tall coconut trees on either sides of the road.
All I did while traveling in auto was gazed at the place around. I started liking Trivandrum already.
I reached Technopark in about 30 minutes, the security personnel told me that Executive Hostel was next to Technopark on NH. I reached Executive Hostel at around 12.30 in the afternoon.
——————Executive Hostel Exterior View———————-
I had read in a blog that Trivandrum was the best place for ILP and Executive hostel, best place to stay. It sure was!!!
 Then the friendly auto driver brought my luggage to the reception. A quite hostel it was, reception personnel asked my name and then they handed me the keys to my room, they asked me to occupy #310, 3rd floor. I looked around, got into lift, then followed a person who carried my luggage into my room, we had a chat and he asked where I was from blah blah..and then he started briefing me things, he told me not to use any electrical appliances like iron box, laptops.. If we use them, theres a fuse which goes off and must pay a fine of 100 rupees, a bucket of hot water costs 5 rupees and will be available at ground floor blabla..
I had to share my room with another guy, who had come from Delhi. He was a nice fella. We had a brief talk for a while. I slightly started missing my Bangalore life, I went out to balcony. There was a TV at a corner in balcony, and I looked below to see  a nice pool, which had fishes and turtles in them. Maintenance of hostel was like 10 on 10. Hostel from my floor looked just like this.
 ——————–Hostel View from 3rd Floor———————–

—————— Night View of Executive Hostel——————–