WRs in Himalayas – 8

28th Sept:
Lamyuru looked more scenic in the morning. Strangely, as if like stray dogs, we could see a few foxes roaming around. Later we got to know it was because a lorry which was transporting chicken was parked next to our room and foxes had come due because of smell of chicken. Roads were comparatively better and we reached Kargil by noon, and had lunch in Kargil. Our bikes needed a bit of servicing; we got it done at mechanic shop nearby. Kargil seemed very new, it’s grown from a small town to a kind to city, in recent years, especially after the Kargil war.

We reached Dras Sector at 3pm; this place was the epicenter, where extreme gun battles took place during the Kargil war. It stands on the foot hills of Tololing, which was captured by Pakistan during the war. We could see the Pakistan infiltration camps and Tiger hill from where we stood. We saw a short movie on Kargil war, at the war memorial (Vikram Batra’s fight and death in the war was very touching)…

It was already 3.30pm and we were yet to cover another 140 KMS to reach Srinagar. As we drove towards Srinagar, we could see a lot of military movements and huge Bofors guns pointing towards Pakistan. On roads we spotted many sign boards quoting ‘You are under enemies observation now’.
Light would start fading in an hour and cold has already started kicking in, we were running out of time and to add to this we had another huge obstacle which stood in front of us – The 9 km long, steepy, curvy, dangerous, terrainious roads of the mighty Zo-Zila Pass.
It was indeed a very scary ride across the Zozila, there were a few close shaves, we were lucky to have survived on a few occasions where we could have fallen off the cliffs.
At least an inch of dust had settled on our faces while we crossed the Zozi la, phew the roads were that dusty. Just as we climbed down the pass, we reached Sonamarg another very beautiful place, which looked just the way I had imagined about the Paradise Kashmir valley.
We all met up at a local tea shop and washed our faces and recollected our scary drive across the Zozi la. It soon became pitch dark. Instead of staying in Srinagar, we decided to go on a night drive of 80kms to Srinagar. (A horribly wrong decision! what followed next, we could never ever have imagined!!!)

29th Sept:

WRs in Himalayas – 7

26th Sept:
Our destination for the day: ‘Pangong Tso lake’. Today, for a change, we dint have to ride our bikes at all, we’d booked a mini van for our Pangong Visit. Our mini van driver, a Ladakhi localite, played bollywood songs all day in his mini van.
We had hot Alu Parathas for breakfast at ‘Upshi’.
After an hour or so, we reached the ‘Chang La’ pass, which happens to be the second highest motorable road in the world at 17,590 feet above sea level. We couldn’t stay there for long as the oxygen levels were very low. A few of us had hot tea, which was offered to us by the Indian jawans.
On our journey towards pangong, we stopped by a place where we spotted a few horses grazing on lush green grass in the valleys, when we got down, we even spotted a few ‘Mermuts’, small cute little rabbit like animals which live in the burrows underground. We even spotted a few CharTunTunns birds, yaks and foxes as we drove along.
Our first glimpse of the lake was mesmerizing, the lake looked just BEAUTIFUL. So calm, so fresh, so colorful, and so pure, no words we just stood staring at the lake.

While driving back, we stopped near a military settlement and bought a few Indian army caps and sweaters.
While having dinner at Hotel Hortze, all of us were like- There’s no way we’re returning without riding on the ‘Highest motorable road in the world’. We finalized on the plans, the next morning, we’ll get up early and drive till Khardung La, and then head towards Kargil later in the day.

27th Sept:
At 6 AM, it was severe cold but it dint matter to us in anyways, we were all raring to go. With head masks, scarves and gloves on, we got our bikes refueled, cheered up ourselves as if we were all going on a mission.
And off we go, our first stop was at the military camp where we had to register our names and our next stop, we were already on top at ‘Khardungla’, we made it!!, we were standing at an altitude of 18,380 feet above sea level, the Highest motorable road in the world. When we all stood together with India Flag in our hands, it was a dream come true. Tears of joy, and a feel of accomplishment, phew… one of those moments in life, you just can’t forget.

We were back in our hotel by noon, we spent a little too much of time while shopping in Leh. It was already 3 when we left Leh. We crossed the Magnetic hills on our way. At around 6pm, we stopped for lunch-cum-dinner at a Kashmiri-Apple-garden-come-restaurant. Food was super delicious with tasty mouth watering rotis and nans and sabjis. The best part was, while the cook prepared food for us, we were allowed to pick and eat apples from apple trees in the garden. The place itself was amazing, situated in a beautiful valley surrounded by huge mountains with a river flowing near the gardens.
By the time we had our food, it was fast getting dark, Kargil was another 120 Kms ahead. We started riding but the roads were in very bad shape and dark night and cold weathers added to our difficulties. We reached Lamayuru, and found an accommodation and decided to spend night there. We booked for accommodation and unpacked our luggage, but Shaz and Kumar hadn’t reached yet. Bharath and I drove back in search of them in pitch dark, deserted, rugged roads. After driving for 30 minutes or so, we found them, their bike batteries had died. While we changed batteries, we enjoyed every moment of it laughing and shouting in the deserted valleys of Kashmir under dim moon light, talking about Yetis and ghosts and joking and laughing around…
Back in Lamayuru, we had light dinner. There was no exhaustion whatsoever, everyone were happy, with all smiles, the feel of achievement was there. All of us were kind of united, and ready to face any obstacles come what may… Like everyday, we planned for the next day’s routes and slept.

WRs in Himalayas -6

25th Sept:
Just opened my eyes and looked around it was already morning. All of us were in a hurry to reach Leh. Bikes didn’t give us much trouble, everyone started their bikes and drove off. Bharath, me, Basha, Ginix and Kumar were a little late, we were just hanging around for a while on the nearby valleys and walked along the frozen streams on the road side. But then Basha’s bike had some problems, it dint start at all. We poured hot kettle water on engine (we usually did that every mornings), and tried to meddle with the bike as much as we could but even then it dint start. At such altitudes, if you try to kickstart your bike like 10 times you would get totally tired. We couldnt do much, so Bharath drove till Karu, found a mechanic and got Basha’s bike fixed, in the mean time me and Kumar left on my Pulsar to Leh. 
On the way to Leh, we drove across the place where Lakshya movie was filmed. We met all other folks in Leh, who were eagerly waiting for us. Our mobile phones started working again. We then kept circling in the beautiful town of Leh looking for hotels. And finally we checked into a youth hostel ‘Hotel Hortze’. By the time we checked in, Bharath and Basha joined us.
We took almost three to four hours settling down and freshening up. Much before I begun the journey to Ladakh, I already had read a lot about Leh on blogs and had an image of Leh in my mind. Leh was almost like the way I had imagined it to be, just like town descripted in the first few pages of Tintin in Tibet. A town in the valleys surrounded by big mountains, roads with several ups and downs, just a few people on the road, most of them Buddhists in their traditional attire, wrinkled Tibetian faces with prayer wheel constantly turning in their hands.
Houses seemed to be made of clay and looked as if thery were carved out on the steep mountain slopes. The polo grounds in front of the Leh palace looked something like the castle in Minastiris (LOTR). We could hear humming sounds of monks chanting in a nearby place.
But the town seems to be changing fast, in most parts it is packed with travel services, hotels and restaurants. Eventhough we coudnt shop much as we dint have room to carry much, the market place looked really tempting.
We had a nice dinner at a posh restaurant, and later we booked a mini van to go to Pangong lake the next morning. The confidence level, excitement factor was all time high at this point. This day we not only enjoyed a lot, we also got the much needed break from our constant driving.

WRs in Himalayas -5

24th Sept:
Morning we got up early to see a few Army jawans surrounding our tents. We talked to them for a while and started off to Sarchu. We reached Sarchu at 9, along the way it was so freezing cold that we could see ice formations on our hairs and legs. Even though it was too cold we enjoyed the journey, we drove for an hour along beautiful himlayan mountains and across a place which looked like The Grand Canyon.
At Sarchu, we met the other guys, they were all excited and were explaining about their adventurous journey from Bharathpur to Sarchu. Basha had a small fall, as his bike slid off thin ice on the road near Sarchuu.
I started feeling feverish and I guess even Ginix, Basha and Vinay felt the same way. I could’nt even have my breakfast, I took an aspirin and started feeling dizzy like hell. I climbed onto Bharath’s bike as a pillion rider and we started off. We could see ice boulders on the road which probably fell off from huge mountains due to an avalanche. We almost had a  fall when Bharath’s scarf got entangled onto the bike chains, but Bharath controlled it somehow. And then it was a long ride, I was half asleep all the while and almost fell off the bike on a couple of occasions.
We took a break at Pang and had tea/biscuits at Pang. People at Pang warned us to get our faces covered as its gonna be a dusty ride along the Morey plains. I was all back to normal self after having tea biscuits and a power nap.
Pang is a small place, with only a few temporary tents and cottages. But theres a military camp near Pang which looks really cool, especially when you climb the hills and view Pang military settlement from hill top.
We still had to cover around 150 KMs to Leh, and we were all determined to reach Leh by night. After climbing the hills for a while, we came across the worlds highest plains- The Morey plains. No words, everyone were just awestruck, the plains are like the classic picture perfect postcard landscapes, everything looked gigantic, the mountains, clouds seemed a lot closer, horizon seems a touching distant, our eyes aren’t used to being able to see so far, the plains themselves seemed to unroll as we drove along,  the trucks looked like small goats, the plains looked like a sandy golf course, you’l have to make your own way while driving, but need to be aware of sand traps and bunkers. Sands along the plains are so fine that they easily form a layer on your skin. Fine grains of sand covers your eyebrows and fills your nose very quickly, phew..
We covered ground fairly quickly on the plains, but it started becoming colder suddenly and we had to cross yet another pass and then travel another 100 kms.
Tanglang-La(17,592 feet)- The roads started getting worser and numbness kicked in due to severe cold and exhaustion, and yes the altitude was a little too much to handle, but we had no other go, we had to cross the pass. It became dark so quickly and we were like no matter what happens, we cannot stay overnight at such an altitude, we had experienced enough of it at Bharathpur already. But climbing down the pass on a bad road is equally very dangerous. Our only hope was to stay at a Rumtse, which was another 25 KMs from Tanglang La. The pace at which we were driving our bikes was around 5-10 K Mph, we couldn’t go any faster. Gosh that was the most gutsy ride ever, we were also not sure if we would get any accomodation in Rumtse.
We reached Rumtse at 9, everyone were like as if we had passed our near death experience. We found a nice home stay at Rumtse and the very kind hospitable people welcomed us in. They prepared us nice hot Roti and Sabjees. We freshened up, and after our dinner, there was this josh in us as if we reached our destination. Leh was only 80 KMs from Rumtse and we were told that the roads were very good and Leh was only two hours far.
Some of us had rum and we cracked jokes and laughed (thanks to Vinay’s PJs) and felt very pleased with our efforts.
I kept asking everyone, how do we make it till Kargil. For everyone the destination was Leh, to me it was Leh as well as Kargil. In fact I had updated on Orkut, "Destination Kargil, lakshya to har hal me paana he", just before I left for the trip.
Bharath said don’t worry dude we will make it to Kargil as well.
Soon we all fell asleep.

WRs in Himalayas -4

23rd September:
Again we got up early in the morning, and again we had no time for bath (No one wanted to bath anyways). The chillness in the air  was too much. Our cottage stood in the middle of a valley surrounded by huge snow-clad mountains and we could hear chirping birds, sounds of water flowing nearby and we stood looking at the breath taking view of mountains rising high above the horizon .
Starting our bikes took no great efforts, we poured hot water from kettles on the bike engines and our bikes engines seemed co-operating with us very nicely.
We had a quick breakfast, and hot tea. I stood next to a chimney all time trying to suck in some hotness..
We started off, and after about 30 minutes, we came across a place where a bridge had fallen off due to sudden gush of waters from a flowing river. We had no other go, but to cross th river riding our bikes across it. It was knee deep and water was flowing in great force. Almost all of us were wet by the time we reached the other side of the stream. Chilled waters, and cold weather made us go numb for a while and we felt like frost bitten. We drove for another 2 hours and reached one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh, Keylong town.
Keylong: Keylong is a place where you get to see old wooden/stone houses everywhere and you realize how one lived in harmony with nature and surroundings in olden days. This town remains covered in snow for half year, and opens only during the warmer half of the year. Its not commercialized at all, and people are very friendly and helpful. We had our breakfast at a very beautiful hotel ‘Tashi Deleg’. It’s very close to the Market place, the staff even remembered a few of our guys who had visited them an year back. I had the most yummiest Apple Pie here.Guys who are gonna visit this place, do not forget to try Apple Pie here.
We buckled up and we were off on our bikes at noon. We drove for two hours, and then Vinay realized that he had forgotten his bag at Tashi Deleg, without informing any one of us, he just drove back in opposite direction. We were all pissed off on him and he was becoming more of of nuisance in our team. 
We stopped for a while near Patseo and our hero Vinay came back in empty hands. We had an Intervention with him, for which he hardly reacted.
We then passed Darcha and reached Baralach La. Bharath, Shreyas, Ginix and me spent some time here, others drove off. We took lots of photos and we went on a small Ice trek, played snowball, inscribed a big ‘WR’ on Ice and played around in a place which looked like an Ice desert.
A few miles from Baralacha La, we stopped at ‘Bharathpur’.
Bharathpur: This is a small town (rather its not a town at all, just a place) which has around 4 tents, where Army Jawans or travelers stop by to have hot tea, biscuits or noodles. These tents are also cottages where we have thick Razais.
As we took a time out, we realized that it was getting dark and cold. But Kumar’s bike was not starting. Ramesh had already gone across and we hoped he would have reached Sarchu. 
It was already pitch dark and bone chilling coldness was hitting us hard when we finally fixed the bike. We asked Shastry, Kumar and Sathish to go ahead and reach Sarchu. We told them we would soon follow them. Ginix had his first attack of Acute Mountain sickness and everyone started feelnig dizzy, Ohh I forgot to mention we were at a height of around 16,000 feet above sea level now.
Ginix had some rum, but it didn’t help much. Then the friendly and generous cottage owners prepared hot lantern which kept our tent warm. We had hot noodles and winds picked up. Temperatures were falling rapidly and we crept inside razais. We had no other go but to stay at Bharathpur.
That was the slowest night of my life, we had to pass entire night second by second which seemed to go very slow. Everything was as if in a slow-motion movie. Our heads weighed like a ton and we felt puckish all night. Bharath, Subhash, Ginix, Vinay and me all seemed to be hit by A M S. 

WRs in Himalayas -3

We realized  we were very slow till now and we had to cover a lot of ground if we had to make it till Leh and Kargil.
Unlike the previous two days, we got up early today. We had in fact not even unpacked our luggage yesterday.
We got up early in the morning only to see the gloomy weather and it started drizzling soon as we started our bikes. A Guruji walked to us and offered us coffee and he told us the weather would ease out by the time we had our coffee. It was a kind of a miracle, rains stopped within a few minutes. We thanked Guruji  for letting us stay in Gurudwara and we started off, at around 7 AM.
It was an awesome ride, along the beautiful Bias river valleys. It is for no small reason Kullu valley is called the "Vallley of Gods". It was more fascinating to me because I was riding Bharath’s Bullet Electra. Basha and me sped along the curvy roads, dragging and overtaking each other. And then we came across this huge tunnel which  was carved through a huge mountain range. (I can still hear our bikes making dud-dub-dud sound in the tunnels). In no time we reached Kullu.
Bharath got to know that he had dropped off his mobile phone on the way. He went back in search of it, and others headed towards Manali.
We reached Manali at 11 and had an amazing breakfast at a South Indian restaurant. This was my first visit to Manali, and so was for many of us and obviously we were all so excited.
Manali happens to be blessed with pleasant weather, scenic beauty and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. We could see the first snow-clad mountains, at an approximate 70 degrees angle towards the sky!!..Everything started looking beautiful, and we knew this was just the beginning.
We got our bikes checked up by local mechanics, and later took a stroll on the beautiful Manali down town and the famous Mall street. We bought petrol cans, bungee chords, filled Petrol tanks(as we start ascending, petrol spills out if tanks are filled full so we could fill petrol 3/4th of total tank capacity).

We got to know that Rohtang pass was closed for road widening work and would open sometime in the evening. After spending some more time in Manali, we headed towards Rohtang at 3 PM. We could soon feel the chillness in the air. Sathish had a small fall, but luckily no one got injured. It became colder and colder and in no time we were shivering big time. We were the first ones to cross Rohtang that day.

We could see the view of the great Himalayan mountains as we rode our bikes, and sometime later I looked back to see no one following me. I parked my bike and climbed a mountain and looked around to see no one around, for me this was one of the best moments of this trip. After 15 minutes or so all others joined. We had a small photo session, and walked around near Rohtang pass. It started becoming dark and cold, and we had to reach Koksar.
It was a scary drive on the muddy roads in fading lights down the valley and reached Koksar at 8. We booked a couple of cottages at Khoksar Dhaba and had hot tea and noodles. The excitement level among us was highest compared to last few days, and we were all in thermals as the temperature now was less than 5 deg C. Bed/blanket in our cottage was almost a feet thick and soon we crept inside them :).

WRs in Himalayas -2

21st Sept:
We had to leave behind half of our luggage at Chandigarh. There was no way we could carry them across the greater Himalayas. It had been hot conditions all along till now, and I was so eager to experience the cold weathers.
Early morning, Basha went to dump off excess luggage at his cousins place. Shaz spent almost all morning fixing his bike, I kept playing with a street pup for a while as other packed stuff onto bike.
It took more time than expected to get set, infact it was almost 12 when we started off. And soon Kumar and Sathish were lost.. again. 
But I kept driving towards Manali, at some point it was me riding alone on my Pulsar, I kept talking to myself and my bike, I got excited looking at the lush green farms of Punjab. Only Ramesh and me were ahead, often overtaking each other, exchanging smiles, reaching upto 135 KMpH… Around 4 PM, we stopped for lunch at a Dhaba and soon Bharath joined. Others were way too behind.
Me and Ramesh were determined to make it till Manali the same day. We knew Bharath would always say yes and he would somehow convince others as well. So we left Bharath at Dhaba so that he could pass on the message and we started off. Afer an hour or so, we took a sharp turn towards Bilaspur highway. And goshhhh.. we could see the great mountains ahead,  me and Ramesh looked at each other, we both were so pumped up, we knew we were left with only a few kilometers of flat roads and further were only the mountains and terrains.
Our bikes struggled to climb steep terrains. We stopped for tea in Bilaspur, and waited till evryone grouped together. In no time it was dark and cloudy. We reached Mandi at 8.30 ish, we still had to cover another 80 KMs to reach Kullu. And we had to travel along the Bias river in the valleys. We didnt wanna miss the scenic beauty by riding at night, so we decided to halt. 
We came across a big Gurudwara (in Mandi), and decided to spend the night at Gurudwara. We freshened up [:-)]*, and had Punjabi style dinner at Gurudwara. It was my first ever experience at a Gurudwara. Everyone were so hospitable and took good care of us. 
We talked till late night, laughed and all of us had fun big time..

WRs in Himalayas -1

I skipped my office today. Tomorrow our bikes will be loaded onto trains, so I had to get Charan’s bike (Pulsar 150) serviced today only and also I had to buy some bike spares from J.C. road. I ended up staying at the garage till 10 PM to make sure everything was right with the bike.
Couldnt sleep well last night thinking about the trip. I got up late in the morning and could already feel butterflies in my stomach. I hadn’t packed my stuff yet !! Chimsy and me went out for a last minute shopping and made sure we got everything wanted.
Me and Chimsy reached airport at 3.30, eventually everyone joined soon. We (Chimsy, RK, Ginix, Shaz and me) had booked the 5.15 pm flight.The rest of the gang had booked different flights.
As we boarded our flight, to our surprise we saw Mr.Pranab Mukherjee (Finance Minister) sitting in the first row. We were like ‘Wow!! ..Our journey begined with a nice surprise’.
We reached Delhi at 7.30 and we took a taxi straight to Nizamuddin Railway station to collect our bikes. Delhi seemed very hot and humid. When we inquired at Nizamuddin, we we were told we could collect our bikes delivered only the next morning. Some Autowala told us he could get our bikes deliverd if we could bribe someone, but that didnt work out.
Finally we checked-into a hotel nearby and had tasty dinner at a dhaba . Shaz, who had gone out to get Basha’s bike came back (he had a nice story to tell about what all happened when had gone to get his bike) and later that night Basha, Kumar and Vinay also joined us.

20th Sept-
We reached the Railway station early but the officer who had to give the clearances came late. And then Chimsy’s bike got punctured. By the time we got our bikes to the hotel, it was already 11. And packing took another hour. 😦
We headed towards Chandigarh, with huge luggage tied onto our bikes. It was scorchingly hot and humid in the afternoon. Basha had his first fall (a minor fall) on the Delhi highway. And soon Shaz’z Fiero broke down. Things weren’t looking so good but Shaz somehow fixed his bike and we started off again, and then it was a long journey on a hot day till we reached Simran dhaba (At 4 PM). We took a small break to have lunch and then yet another long journey till Chandiragh. Our target was to reach Rupanagar, but it was late already and had to settle for Chandigarh. We stayed in a dorm that night and everyone looked tired already.
RK kept silent all the time, I wonder what he was thinking. Basha kept telling we will not be able to make it with so much luggage. We all felt Vinay was a little irritating. Shaz was worried about his bike, he felt his bike could breakdown any time. Chimsy and me decided that in worst case we both will go on our own and reach Leh at any cost. Somehow there was no ‘One’ ness among all of us. 

Nail Biting start..

It was a long day yesterday, we loaded our bikes at Yeshwanthpur railway station. We had to collect all the documents required for parcelling our bikes in the morning… DL, RC Book, Insurance and Emission Certificates of all the bikes…
We reached Yeshwanthpur Rly station at 4 ish, emptied petrol tanks, got our bikes packed, paid transport charges and parcelled off our bikes.
Once everything was done, I went to Chinnaswami Stadium to watch KPL match between Belagavi Panthers and Mysore Maharajas. ArunKumar and Manish Pandey played brilliant knocks.
It was 11 when I reached home with tired legs and sleepy eyes.
Next Day–
Today all of us, ‘The Wildriders’  had lunch buffet at  ‘Legacy of Punjab’. It was fun all the while, with lots of Lolzz nd LMAOzzzs, we ate as if there s no tomorrow. 🙂

Btw, theres a lot of facts thats worrying us-
1. Heavy rains in Delhi, floods in many parts of the Delhi.
2. Snowfall continues in Himachal Pradesh, Rohtang Pass closed as of now
3. News on Chinese infiltration in Leh
4. Pakistan firing on LOC near Wagah.
5. Jet Airways strike continues, lucky we dint book Jet.


All set to get Lehd

Flight tickets:
Departure Kingfisher airlines – BLR to DEL 19 Sep 17:30 PM – per person – Rs. 3718
Rest of us return Kingfisher airlines – DEL to BLR 2 Oct 8:45 PM

Since last week all we have done is serviced our bikes and got them modified to suite Ladakh conditions.
Shopping is almost done.

The final list of Wild Riders all set to ride through the Himalayas..

6 bikes, 9 WRs

Our Draft Plans are all ready, Sunil has done a fabulous job in sketching out this plan :

Sep 20 –
Depart by 11AM to Rupnagar (60kms from Chandigarh), Better to stay in towns than cities for cost cutting. ( Rupnagar hotels url : http://rupnagar.nic.in/html/hotel.htm ,you can check out BHAKRA NANGAL damn if u have time as its just 10kms away :), easy for you kickoff the lesser himalayan terrain early in the morning avoiding traffic.
Total Km Coverage: 250kms ( Achievable )

Sep 21 –
Early morning Leave to Manali which will take 8 to 10hrs so by 5pm easy check at MANALI.Check in
Total KM coverage: 250 kms ( Achievable coz good roads and no stop overs )

Sep 22 –
Just 3 to 4 places to see in Manali which can be covered in 2 to 3hrs so by 12NOON if u depart from MANALI you can reach SISSU or reach KEYLONG if possible. SISSU again is COST CUTTING compared to KEYLONG just 25kms away from KEYLONG.
Total km coverage — 100kms ( Quite achievable as you crossing one of the first big PASS — ROHTANG, traffic expected )

Sep 23 –
Morning Sissu Dept by 9am(worst case) reach SARCHU(J&K border)by 5pm.Check in to a TENT AT SARCHU 🙂 enjoy the AMS ( acute mountain sickness)
Total km coverage– 170kms ( Achievable by 8hrs considering 20kms per hr and you will be passing the second highest pass on the manali-leh highway – BARALACHA LA )

Sep 24 –
Depart to Leh from SARCHU by 7AM (****important****) reach LEH by 6pm.Check in LEH, RELAX RELAX RELAX.
Total km coverage — 200kms ( Achievable with in 10 to 12hrs and you will be passing thru 2 highest passes on the way — LALCHUNG LA and TANGLANG LA, passes take much coz of ascending and descending them, MORE PLAINS is one where you can test your LIMITS… LOL )

Sep 25 –
Depart to KHARDUNG LA ( HIGHEST MOTORABLE ROAD IN THE WORLD) by 9am and be back by 4 or 5pm as MONASTERIES and LOCAL PLACES at LEH can be seen at night too 🙂
Total kms coverage: 120kms ( Easily achievable To and fro KHARDUNG LA )

Sep 26 –
Here starts the confusion in your MINDS—2 options> COME BACK VIA SRINAGAR or VIA MANALI…THINK THINK THINK… can you make it??? bharat has only 3 days to hit back DELHI including this day….
PLAN 1: Dept to KARGIL
Total kms coverage: 210kms ( SUPER ROAD as you will also pass thru MAGNETIC HILL, remember DONT TRY STUNTS as BULLETS WILL START INCREASING) lmaozz
PLAN 2 : EARLY morning dept to PANGONG TSO ( Beautiful high altitude lake) which is on the way to MANALI Route and come back and stay at PANG/ Go as further as possible as the objective is to RETURN ASAP.
Total kms coverage: 230kms ( Achievable)

Sep 27 -According to:
PLAN 1- Reach Sringar by evening, check in.
Total kms coverage: 230kms (Achievable as you will be passing thru one of the coldest passes in south asia — DRASS)
Total kms coverage: 180 to 200kms ( Same route 🙂 )

Sep 28 – According to:
PLAN 1: Check out in and around Srinagar– like GULMARG and PAHALGHAM and depart to JAMMU (150kms ) if not time reach straight down to PATHANKOT ( 250kms)
Total kms coverage: 150kms if site seeing in SRINAGAR , 250kms if nothing 🙂
PLAN 2: Dept to MANALI— and CHECK IN
Total kms coverage: 150kms ( Same Route)

Sep 29: According to:
PLAN 1: Now DESTINATION is DELHI. Go to AMRITSAR check WAGAH and come to JALANDHAR/ LUDHIANA for staying back.
Total kms Coverage: 250kms to 300kms ( It is NH-1—-JUST IMAGINE!!!)

Sep 30 – According to:


Weather at Manali, Leh has become verry unpredicatble in the last few days..Keeping our fingers crossed..
Plan 1 or Plan 2????????????