Will start working on my visa to travel to the US

It’s relatively been a tough time for me ever since Ive joined the Dev team, well its been only a couple of weeks and I’m already finding it tough to understand how ATF works. I’ve been a li’l rusty and slow so far, but no major worries TILL YESTERDAY.

All of a sudden from nowhere, I got news from my EMC manager (Andy) yesterday that he wanted me to work on a new project and I might have to travel to US for 5 months.
Im not sure why he picked me over other 12 team members, but for me its nothing less than a jackpot. Im gonna start my Visa processing from tomorrow. But still, getting Visa depends on luck. Lets see 🙂

Loving loneliness

Its not like I don’t have many friends, in fact I have a huge friend circle. But at times I love to be all alone, walk around alone, go to canteen all alone, travel in bus all alone, listen to music all alone,  watch movies all alone…
I have been going to theaters all alone, like this month I watched Inglorious Basterds and Manasaare all alone. And what a co-incidence in Manasaare the hero is in a state of mind in which I am of late. And the best part is I’m not bored being lonely, I’m loving it..