GetSetGo–>ILP @ Trivandrum

I was so excited, I could’nt wait till the 18th of Dec.
I had never stayed out of my house for more than a week, this was the first time I had to travel alone. Stay was supposed to be for about 2 months, I felt more excited than worried. 
I had a TCS pre-medical test, which included Blood test ( They collected 2 full testtubes of blood) ,ECG, Ultrasound, Physical fitness test, Eye test…AND MORE
I collected my TCS offer letters, soon I got a another mail from TCS, Trivandrum which read->

Hi, Good day! I am sure you must be eagerly waiting for the Initial Learning Program at Trivandrum commencing on 18th Dec 2006. We have arranged accommodation for you at the following place. Please note the address and phone no.
Your name has already been communicated to the above address. You may check-in any time, two days prior to joining. For any clarifications you may call up at the above address. See you soon for the training!

There was an active community in Orkut, where ppl who were supposed to join TCS on 18th had lots of discussions. Even I joined the community and gathered all the information that i needed.  I booked my flight to Trivandrum on 17th morning. Soon my ILP was about to start.

17th December 06, cold winter morning, flight check-in time was at 8.30. I had packed my luggage previous day and had lots of documents to take along. My mobile kept ringing all the time till I reached airport. I had my breakfast at the airport with my family members, who had come along.
I dint feel nervous nor tense rather felt cool and excited.
I said a bye to my mom, bhabi, bro and left. Got a little late while chek-in, but made it in time to d flight. Then pheww..