Twelve and a half flights

I am actually rewriting this entire post.. I had saved this post as a draft on my iPad and it somehow got lost (Thanks to Pundu for that) and sheesh it’s such a pain to rewriting the whole post once again…This post was originally composed by me when I was in JFK airport terminal waiting for my flight back to India. I had to spend almost 5 hours in NY airport and later another 3 hours in Mumbai airport on my way back to Bangalore and this is one the posts that I wrote then..

It’s been almost 3 and a half years since I joined TCS and apparently my very first flight was on the same day I joined TCS. It’s been a very nice journey with lots of air travels n this post is about all of those travels.

To join TCS Initial Learning Program
Bangalore to Trivandrum, on Jet airways
December 16, 2006

2, 3.
Onsite travel to Belgium
Bangalore to Mumbai -> Mumbai to Brussels, on Jet Airways
April 6th April 2008

4, 5.
Holiday tour to Italy
Brussels to Pisa, Rome to Brussels, on Ryan Air
June 4th 2008

6, 7.
Back from Onsite
Brussels to Mumbai -> Mumbai to Bangalore, on Jet Airways
July 4th 2008

8, 9.
Leh Ladakh trip
Bangalore to Delhi and back, on Kingfisher Airways
September 19th 2009

10, 11.
Onsite trip to USA, Centera ATF project
Bangalore to London -> London to Boston, on British Airways
December 12th 2009

Skydive New England
Maine -> Up in the air and down
July 15th 2010

Back from Onsite Project, Centera ATF project
Boston to New York, on American Airlines
Aug 20th 2010

It’s twelve and a half flights till now 🙂

—-Continuing from where I left off, and I’l update this every time I make an air travel

14, 15
Back from Onsite Project, Centera ATF project
New York to Mumbai, on Air India
Aug 21st 2010
Mumbai to Bangalore, on Air India
Aug 21st 2010

Rann of Kutch
Bangalore to Ahmadabad, on IndiGo Airlines
25th Feb 2011

Return from Rann of Kutch trip
Ahmadabad to Bangalore, on Indigo Airlines
6th March 2011

18, 19, 20
Onsite trip to USA, Symmetrix QE project
Bangalore to Dubai, on Emirates
Dubai to Washington, on Emirates
Washington to Boston, American Airlines

21, 22, 23
Back from Onsite Project, Symmetrix QE project
Boston to New York, on American Airlines, EY3174
Jan 7th 2012
New York to Abu Dhabi, on Etihad Airways, EY100
Jan 7th 2012
Abu Dhabi to Bangalore, on Etihad Airways, EY286
Jan 8th 2012

First International Wildride Trip
Bangalore to Bangkok, on Thai Airways, TG 326
Jan 22nd 2012

Bangkok to Phuket, on Air Asia
Jan 26th 2012

Phuket to Bangkok, on Air Asia
Jan 29th 2012

Bangkok to Bangalore, on Thai Airways, TG 325
Jan 29th 2012

28, 29.
International Wildride Trip to Nepal
Bangalore to Delhi, on SpiceJet
April 6th 2012
Delhi to Kathmandu, on Spicejet
April 6th 2012

30, 31.
Kathmandu to Delhi, on Spicejet
April 14th 2012
Delhi to Bangalore, on Go Air
April 14th 2012

32, 33, 34.
Onsite trip to USA, Smart builder Automation project
Bangalore to London, on British Airways, BA118
July 1st 2012
London to Chicago, on British Airways, BA297
July 1st 2012
Chicago to Boston, on American Airlines, AA1358
July 2nd 2012

35, 36, 37.
Back from USA, Smart builder Automation project
Boston to NY, on American Airlines, AA 1809
Nov 3rd 2012
NY to Doha, on Qatar Airways, QR 84
Nov 4th 2012
Doha to Bangalore, on Qatar Airways, QR 226
Nov 4th 2012

38, 39.
International trip to Indonesia/ Singapore with Wild ride
Bangalore to Singapore, on Tiger Airways
Nov 24th 2012
Singapore to Surabaya, on Lion Air
Nov 24th 2012

40, 41.
Bali to Singapore, on Lion Air
Nov 30th, 2012
Singapore to Bangalore, on Tiger Airways
Dec 3rd 2012

42, 43.
Honeymoon with Deepthi
Bangalore to Mauritius, on Air Mauritius
April 2nd, 2013
Mauritius to Bangalore, on Air Mauritius
April 8th, 2013

44, 45, 46.
Onsite to US with Deepthi
Bangalore → London, on British Airways, BA118
June 1st, 2013
London → Miami, on British Airways, BA209
June 1st, 2013
Miami → Boston, on American Airlines, AA406
June 1st, 2013

Back from Toronto, Canada
Buffalo, NY  → Boston, MA on JetBlue Airways Flight 516
September 3rd,  2013

48, 49, 50.
From US to Ps marriage / Uttarkhand trip
Boston, Logan → New York, JFK on American Airlines Flight 178
Tue, 26 Nov 2013
New York, JFK → Kuwait City on Kuwait Airways Flight 102
Tue, 26th Nov 2013
Kuwait City → New Delhi, on Kuwait Airways Flight 381
Wed, 27th Nov 2013

51, 52.
Back from Uttarkhand trip
Dehradun → New Delhi, SpiceJet Flight SG 2413 on Thu, 05 Dec 2013
New Delhi → Bangalore, SpiceJet Flight SG 209 on Thu, 05 Dec 2013

53, 54.
Spiti Valley Tour
Bangalore → New Delhi, JetKonnect Flight 9W-7120 on May 15 2014
New Delhi→ Chandigarh, JetKonnect Flight 9W – 7179 on May 16 2014

Back from Spiti Tour (The scary one !)
New Delhi → Bangalore, Indigo Flight 6E-131 on May 26 2014

56, 57, 58
US Onsite Comcast project
Bangalore → New Delhi, Air India (AI) 404 on 22 June 2014
New Delhi → New York, Air India (AI) 101 on 23 June 2014

New York → Philadelphia, Delta Airlines, DL 2949 on 23 Jun 2014

Peru, Machu Pichhu tour
New York, JFK → Lima, Peru, LA-531 LAN Airlines on March19 2015
Lima, Peru → Cuzco, Peru, LA-2075 LAN Airlines on March 20 2015

Back from Machu Pichhu, Peru tour
Cuzco, Peru → Lima, Peru, LA-2066 LAN Airlines March 23 2015
Lima, Peru → New York, LA-530 LAN Airlines March 24 2015

My first flying experience as a Pilot, Infinity Flight Group September 19

Trenton, NJ

My first flying experience in a Helicopter
Boulder City → Grand Canyon, Pappilon Helicopters on January 9 2016

65, 66
Trip to Las Vegas
Philadelphia → Las Vegas, Spirit Airlines Flight 395 on January 8 2016
Las Vegas → Philadelphia, Spirit Airlines 396 on January 11 2016

Trip to California
Philadelphia → San Fransisco, United Flight 418 on March 1 2017
San Fransisco → Philadelphia, United Flight 1884 on March 9 2017

69, 70, 71
Travel back to Bangalore
Philadelphia → Chicago, Etihad Airlines EY 3665 on 23rd April 2017
Chicago → Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airlines EY 150 on 24th April 2017
Abu Dhabi → Bangalore, Etihad Airlines EY 236 on 24th April 2017

72, 73
Onsite trip to Norwich
Bangalore → Mumbai, Jet Airways 442 on 22nd July 2017
Mumbai→ London, Jet Airways 120 on 23rd July 2017

74, 75
Trip to Scotland
Norwich → Edinburgh, Logan Airways LM 301 on 22nd September 2017
Edinburgh → Norwich, Logan Airways LM 308 on 25th September 2017

76, 77
Trip to Canada
London → Toronto, Air Transat TS423 on 29th June 2018
Toronto → London, Air Transat TS122 on 9th July 2018

78, 79
Travel back to Bangalore
London → Mumbai, Jet Airways 115 on 29th September 2018
Mumbai → Bangalore, Jet Airways 481 on 30th September 2018

80, 81, 82
Canada Job hunt
Bangalore → Paris, Air France 8471 on 25th March 2019
Paris → Montreal, Air France 8515 on 25th March 2019
Montreal → Toronto, West Jet 8513 on 26th March 2019

83, 84
Going back with Intelerad Offer
Toronto → Paris, Air France AF0351 on 2nd April 2019
Paris → Bangalore, Air France AF0194 on 3rd April 2019

To Canada with Family
Bangalore → Mumbai, Air India AI610 on Apr 14, 2019
Mumbai → Zurich, Swiss Air 155 on Apr 15, 2019
Zurich → Montreal, Swiss Air 86 on Apr 15, 2019

Banff Trip
Toronto → Calgary, West Jet  WS649 on July 20, 2021
Calgary → Toronto, West Jet WS652 on July 24, 2021


Sometime in the afternoon yesterday, I did’nt even have a clue that I will be holding an iPad in a few hours.
It all began when I read a blog written on Ipad by one of my EMC managers. After reading the article, my hands started getting itchy. 😉

Actually, I already had it in the back of my mind, when Bharath mailed me about Masachussetts tax holiday Ipad deals. I was still in doubt whether to buy or not and was just browsing thru, my eyes just lit up when I read one of my Facebook taglines "When you want something in life, you just gottu reach out and grab it" *, and within a minute or so, I called the Apple showroom to buy iPad online. But they said they had a limited stock and I had to buy it directly from the showroom and the showroom would open 6am next day.

Well I got up at 5 in the morning, asked my room mate to come along to the mall. It was 6.30 when we reached the Natik mall. The entire place seemed deserted, but when we took a turn near the Apple showroom, there was already a big queue. We spent almost an hour the queue and then, ohhh baby, I’d bought one of the coolest gadgets of all time 🙂

This was not it, when we reached home, Sundeep had prepared dosas and curry, an awesome way to start off my last weekend here..

* This is my favourite quote from the movie "Into the wild"

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