and I needed something more to drive with enough Swag

Just like anyone else, I’ve had that dream – Cruising around in a stylish powerful car at least once in my life. To my luck, this time around, my project in USA got extended for a few years and on my persistence, me and my wife decided to pool in money to upgrade our car to a High end car (High end for working in TCS standards :P).
Well, I just got my expectations jotted out before I ventured out looking for cars –
Price – I have always worried about the resale price since my stay in US was usually not so long, but this time I wouldn’t mind about the resale price.
Engine – Definitely V6/ 6 cylinders, 3.5+L and 270HP or more
Power – Should pack a mean punch! Should make me enjoy the thrill of cruising.
Style – Coupe with a sleek, muscular build  . I’ve always loved the Coupes as they’ve got like super Sporty looks and also for the fact that these are not available in India.
Funky features – Elegant interiors, Moon roof, Remote start, Keyless Entry, Push button start, Heated seats, Cruise control, Bose Speaker systems..etc
This is what I ended up buying !