evolution of travel

During my post-college days travels were restricted to be short, close to home. Weeks of preparation, managing finances, balancing work and getting leaves approved was the tough part. There was no need to plan the fun quotient which used to be like the highest during those days.

Few years later, travels spanned across far away places within India, more adventurous ones. Less of planning and more or care free explorations> Used to be like let’s go rafting, bungee jumping, let’s bike through a war zone, and what not.

Then came the lavishing international trips, with more spending, and ‘let’s cover more places’, squeezing our itinerary by making it exhausting.

Post marriage, the definition of group trips just vanish and it’s all about companionship in exotic locations.

Now with a kid around, and life getting more jam packed, a trip is more like we just need a break from life routines. There’s no let’s see this. let’s do that attitude anymore. It’s more of a let’s relax, eat, and peace.