The worst part about Growing up

I had some kind of conversation with my dad late last night (he was high with a few shots as usual). My dad suddenly said he wanted to get his Canada visa done so that he could visit my brother sometime soon. Well he didn’t even have enough money to pay for his visa, but that didn’t stop him from daydreaming about traveling to Canada.

The fact is is that he doesn’t he have his own health insurance and that depends on me. What he gets as a a pension is peanuts (like USD 20 a month), and he still works for a living.

I pitched in and asked him why he would be trying to get a visa. Poor dad thought if he visited Canada and stayed with his oldest son, he could be using Canada’s medicare. He honestly thought Canada would actually look after him by paying him a kind of retirement pension too. He even intended to work in Canada at his tender age of 70. Poor old dad.

I felt a little bad listening to my dad’s intentions. I explained him that’s not how it works for a visitor visa and tried to convince him that if he stayed back in India, he would have a better life. I also continued and told him that in few years, his granddaughter (now 11 years old) would probably invite him to attend her marriage. After I actually said that, I did the math and came to realize to that when she is old enough to get married, my father would be pretty nearly 90. Probably he won’t be able to fly then. When my eyes were filled with tears, I realized that time is ticking fast these days. Gosh, 20 years ago it was so fun 😦


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