A diverse small ecosystem

Apart from my usual 9 to 5 job, I continue lliving life with my room mates who again are my colleagues. So, I'l end up spending my 6 months with a very limited people around me. Everyone are so different and weird, I have to adjust with eveyone, everyday, telling to myself 'Swalpa adjust madkoli'.
Okay I'm not taking names, but I'l try to write about a few people around me.
#1 – Everyday, he keeps browsing for deals and ends up buying something stupid. Its okay if this happens once in a while, but come on, every day..??
#2 – He's got engaged very recently, so will be using our common phone almost all the time. We hardly get a chance to use phone. He goes to Gym everyday, comes back and starts eating whatever is cooked, directly from the cauldron. To add to that he doesn't even cook well.
#3 – I can always find this guy lying on his bed, downloading and watching senseless movies almost all the time. He doesnt even get up to attend phone calls, and when he's on phone, he'l still be lying in his bed yapping loudly.
#4 – This guy cant take anything lightly. He thinks hes doing the greatest job in this world (manual testing), and tries to boss around almost with everyone.
#5 – He's always concerned about office politics/gossips. Very unprectable, at times works all night or sleeps all day. But we've never crossed each others way.
#6 – Uncle types, he's actually 40+, still a bachelor. He comes to our house almost everyday without an invite and eats without even caring if there's anything left for others. He's psyched out in his life, very irritating, no common sense, 100% bald, and has no goals in life. He is very manipulative and tries to be judgmental all the time.

Apart from these, there are other few other friends, who've kept me going.
But I'm counting my days silently living among all. I'm learning a new way to live life though.

Macbook Pro

I bought myself a new MacBook Pro today and I'm all excited. I purchased it online from Apple store.
Configuration –
Intel i5 Dual Core 2.33 GHz,
13.3 inches screen with backlit keyboard,
Intel 3000 Graphics card,
Firewire and Thunderbolt ports,
Shipped with OSx upgraded to Lion OS and
Facetime HD camera.

Looks awesome, the coolest laptop I've ever had. 😀

Narrow Down =>–

Its been 5 years out of college, and I’ve experimented a lot over the years. But I feel I cant just go on like Jack of all trades, I should concentrate on one thing from now on.
Okay, of all the kinds of stuff I’ve worked on, the one I’ve loved a lot is programming in Python. So this is it, I will concentrate on Python from now on, no other programming language. Become a punter or so, on Python together with Unix.
Anyways my goal is to move out of software when I’m 40 or so 😛
And ya, one more thing, whenever I see nice videos on MTV or Youtube, I always envy seeing people with so much talent.
I have to groom a talent for my own good, or else I’l definitely regret it at a later point in my life.