I got my Apartment registration done today

The financial advisor of ‘Apara’ (The first company I worked in) had given a brief session on money management almost 4 years before, and he had said these words: “If a guy owns an asset(House) and a liability(Car), before getting settled then you can consider yourself successful”.

Its official, I am the owner of an asset worth almost 30 lakhs now, quite an achievement. But its taken off all my savings done till date and I also have 13.5 lakhs worth loan and Ive also borrowed quite some money from my dad. But thats ok, I’ve plans for dealing with that.

Gosh I was literally carrying around 6 lakh rupees in my backpack all day.
I had to pay around 6 lakh in cash and 3.5 lakh in cheque to my Vendor today. But I dint have a single cheque leaf of my account. So I had to transfer all the money to my mom’s SBI account and then withdraw money from her account.
Today morning I withdrew all the cash from SBI and paid the amount to the Vendor. I also got the sale deed printed in the morning. While I did this , the apartment vendor took the LIC-Home Loan guys to his bank and cleared off his home loan account in Canara bank.
Registration was scheduled at 4PM, at the Rajarajeswari Nagar Sub-registrar office and I had to pay 15k as the registration charges 😦 apart from this everything went well.

Now.. my next target- Buying a car and reducing my loan to less than 10 lakh within an year.

In Trance with Armin Van Buuren

I cant stop listening to Armin’s music as I write this blog. Trance is so gripping, I never was a great fan of Trance music before but now I AM.
The three of us Sunil Karthik and me (Stags :P) had been to Armin Van Buuren night at E Zone Club yesterday (20th Nov 2010) and it was simply an amazing experience. The ambiance at eZone was too good with great laser light display, the crowd was so great that we went awestruck looking at the crowd. Armin really rocked, he played his good numbers especially from his album Mirage. It was so much fun, in fact I’d never danced so much before..

It was also Sunil’s birthday, so after the AVB event, we drove to Leela Palace to celebrate.
Later we went to Pundu’s to eat Pizzas 😛