My January 2012 Log book – 3 of 3

Jan28: (Phi-Phi) 
07:30 Almost missed our cab, got up late, but made up by getting ready in literally 5 mins. AJM moment
09:00 Cruize to Phiphi Island
11:30 Checked into Hotel Flower
13:00 Rented a private Long boat
13:30 On long boat in Phi Phi waters with Dolphins around, with Pandora kinda landscape around.
14:00 Swimming at Maya Bay, The Beach beach
15:30 Diving time, Andaman crystal clear waters
17:00 Strolling on the Bamboo Islands
18:00 Amazing sunset at James Island bond kinda beach
20:00 Dinner at Phiphi
22:00 Boys with cocktail bucket
23:00 Phiphi fun begins
Jan29: (Phi-Phi, Bangkok, Bangalore) 
08:00 Checked out from Hotel Flower, cruize back to Phuket
11:00 At Phuket, strolled around at Patong 😛
13:00 Took a taxi to Phuket airport
14:00 Checked in at Air asia counters.
18:00 Thai airways check in, bye bye to Sunil (who has another day in Bangkok), final Bangkok moments 😦
23:00 Back in Bangalore, scary cab ride till home.
Jan30: (Bangalore) 
07:30 To office
16:30 I get my Fiat Grande Punto delivered Yay!!
21:00 Puja at home for my Grande Punto
Exhausted but still came to office, plans to renovate my home begins!!  
Pheww… January 2012, I've almost circled the world in this month. 
Started of at USA and now at home and what all in between. 
My brain would probably look like Medusa's swirling snakes, 
so many events back to back and it all has happened so fast, I've loved each and every moment of this  month.       

My January 2012 Log book – 2 of 3

Jan24 (Pattaya-Bangkok):
11:00 Got up late with tiring legs. It was in fact early morning when we actually slept.
Checked out of Bella Vista and Brunched at Madras cafe
13:00 Scary Bungee Jump by Kumar, Sathish; followed by me.
It looked do-able at first but heart started pounding when we got our legs tied to Bungy ropes. And when the crane went higher and higher, OMG freakin scary. The free fall when I jumped off was quite an experience… Pheww..
14:00 Awesome fun while Karting. I overtook almost everyone, but my car broke down in the last lap 😦
15:00 Traveled in a bus back to Bangkok. We were a bit emotional as we'd already had great time in Pattaya.
17:00 Back in Bangkok, we took the air-train to reach Sukumvit Road to check in to Hotel Miami.
19:00 Had mouth watering dinner at Hotel Arya.
22:00 Bangkok city tour, went to Siam square mall and watched Underworld 3, at Imax 4D experience.
Jan25(Around Bangkok):
08:00 Off on a day trip in a Mini van (Breakfast: Bread Butter Jam)
10:00 Boat ride at the famous Floating market (Lunch: Bread Butter Jam)
13:00 At tiger temple, posing with the Tigers.
15:00 Bridge on River Kwai (Snacks: Bread Butter Jam)
19:00 Bangkok night rounds, also super fun at Entertainment Plaza 😛
Jan26 (Bangkok-Phuket):
10:00 Checked out from Hotel Miami
12:00 Brunch at Arya
13:00 Shopping time at MBK mall, Bangkok
17:00 Off to Airport to board Air asia flight to Phuket
21:00 Landed in Phuket, we hired a cab from Phuket airport till our Hotel.
22:30 Checked into super cool Hotel Lovely. (Rating 10 on 10 for Hotel Lovely)
00:00 Dinner at Subway, and roamed around in happening Bangla street of Patong bay.
Jan27 (Phuket):
07:30 Scuba Day, with Andy
11:00 Under water fun begins, first dive at Racha Noi.
I'd initially thought its gonna be fun swimming under waters, but believe me, its a bit scary, not so easy for first timers at least. We given a booklet and our diving instructor told us about Scuba equipment and all..we hardly listened to what he said..
The fun part was getting ourselves ready in Diving gear which includes heavy weight belts, diving regulator in your mouth, buoyancy controller on your chest, heavy oxygen cylinders on your back, wet suit, face and nose sealed off in diving masks, fins on leg.. !!!! You cant even move with all these on your body. 
Fun Part ends here !!!. our boat stopped midst ocean, and we were asked to jump off into deep oceans. 
Everyone were panicking losing, super scary.. you cant even talk or breathe from you nose.. We had to perform basic exercises before we dived In. Water pressure kicks in when we dive deep. Ultra the mental experience.!!!
13:00 Second dive at Racha Yai. This was the best dive of the three. I got used to diving a bit by now. It was as if like in Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara, when we saw colorful corals, school of colorful fishes. We were also lucky enough to see a Manta ray.
15:00 Third dive at shallow Bangla bay, Racha Yai.
21:00 Back in Patong, we strolled around and had dinner at Pizza Hut in a mall in Patong.
22:00 Walked around in Bangla street, which was almost like in Pattaya Walking street.

My January 2012 Log book -1 of 3

Jan3 – Jan6 (Hopkinton):
This is gonna be my last week in Hopkinton Office for this term, I worked on a critical fix and I had to finish it off before I traveled back to India.
I was invited for send off dinner almost all week. First at Sichuan Gourmet with roomies, the next evening was at Pradeep's place, then at Habib's, followed by Sridevi's palce. The whole week just flew by.

Jan7 (Hopkinton-Boston):

Returned my lovely Chevy Cruze in the morning and finalized all my bills. Sridevi and Rags had come till Chipotle to bid farewell to me, we had nice Mexican cuisine for lunch and I went straight to Boston Logan Airport after that. No hassles while Check-in and no delays, rest of the day went smooth.

Jan8 (Abu Dhabi):

I'm gonna lose this calendar day as I'm Flying against time. All I did on this day is watch movies, sleep and I did spend a few hours at Abu Dhabi in transit and that's it.

Jan9 (Bangalore):

Reached Bengaluru airport at 4.30 AM. Met Busa at 5.30AM and at 6.30 AM I was already batting in Vidyarthi Bhavan. Ultimate breakfast: Masala Dosa,Iddli,Vada,Kharabath,Coffee burrp. Slept for the rest of day.
First day in Office, a bit of Jet Lag and all day I kept talking to my colleagues about my trip and all.

Went all the way till ITPL to play Cricket today. Soon after cricket, I test drove Fiat Grande Punto, dint feel like working after that. Dint even go to office, me and Bharath just came back home
Jan14: Applied travel Visa for my Thailand Trip at a travel consultancy near Jayanagar. 
This week I kept calling all my friends to finalize on my car. I decided to buy Fiat Grande Punto Emotion Petrol, and I was offered a super deal at KHT motors, we negotiated the price for a cash down of Rs.5,40,000.
And ya, lots of late night conference calls going discussing about our Thailand trip. (Most of the times with Karthik and Busa)
Packed up and took off to Bangkok late in the evening. Thanks to Ramesh, if not his help we would've missed our BIAL bus (Mr.Sunil you acted off as if we were about to miss the flight).
Jan22 (Bangkok-Pattaya):
       07:00  Fun begins. Landed in Bangkok. Busa had a tough time clearing Immigration counters. 🙂
       08:45  Perfect timing, boarded bus to Pattaya wasting no time.
       10.30 Checked in at Bella Vista, Pattaya. (Near Johnny Walker club, duhh Sudhi why did you have to book our hotel right in front of a Gay bar!!)
       11.30 Brunch at an Indian restaurant in front of the beach 
       13:00 Under water world
       15:00 Big Buddha
       18:30 Snacks at a Mall, night life begins at Walking street, we walked around near Windmill, Moulin Rouge and Walking street.
Jan23 (Around Pattaya):
        09:00 Off to Coral Islands
       12:00 Sun bathing and swimming on Coral Islands beach
       14:00 Lunch on the beach shack, while waves kept splashing us
       17:00 Back in Bella Vista
       20:00 Night life at Pattaya, 😛