US ’09 ’10 trip: Curtains down

I spoke with my offshore lead today and its final now, dates are fixed I will travelling back to India next month on 20th or 21st. 25 more days to go.
It will be 8 months and 10 days exactly since I left India.
One of the most satisfying trips of my career :-). I was supposed to be here for 5 months, but it got extended and extended and extended.
Ive spent the whole of winter and the whole of summer. I've missed fall though, but thats okay..
Here are a few of my achievements during my stay here:
Drove Mustang, Kia, Accent, Elantra, Corolla, Dodge all at 100 mph
7 months of hard work and 2 months of no-work. And a 'Star of the quarter award'.
Did a sky dive from 14k altitude and skied twice without breaking any parts of my body.
Had nice times playing TT, tennis, cricket (EMC and Desi cricket), swimming, bowling, Dumb Charades.
Started cooking for the first time and also started liking the Dunkins coffee
Visited NYC, Boston, Niagara and partied hard in Providence
Bought iPhones, HD Projector, HDDs and many more stuffs AND the best of all I managed to save some nice $s

What more can one ask for, thanks everyone for making this happen šŸ™‚
And thank you US for making Me

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