Mungaru Maleye

I’m sitting in my apartment balcony looking at the rains drizzling and making ‘Husshh’ sound, I’m sipping hot coffee and listening to one of my favorite tracks from Mungaru Maley, Mungaru Maleye yenu ninna hanigala leeley.
This song makes me go nostalgic about the days when I used to travel to Bangalore from Chennai during weekends.
As I entered Bangalore outskirts I would listen to this song on my MP3 player (Transend MP3 player which I bought when I got my first salary in TCS). I would love Bangalore and Bangalore weather listening to this song and I kept hoping I would get a transfer to Bangalore some day.
Things have drastically changed now. I met Shiva Prakash, (my ex-roomie in Chennai) yesterday at a beach in Boston.
Gosh, cant just imagine how things has changed..Just a couple of years back we both used to go crab hunting on Chennai Besant nagar beach at midnight :-). Now, we meet at a beach in Boston. Dunno whats in store for us in coming days 🙂