Aage se Right

This post is not about 'Aage se Right' movie which released this Friday :-).

After working in Mainframes as a COBOL/DB2 developer, I moved into a QA project long time back, and  I've spent the most happiest times doing lots of othla work during my assignments in QA. One advantage of working in QA is you always have time.. to chat, browse, take long coffee breaks, do this nd that and you dont have to break your head and worry much about work…B.u.t. from a career perspective, you always know that you're not on the right track. Well at least I think it that way.

It all started when I was denied to work as a QA Architect on a new project (which also had a good Onsite opportunity to US) just because I dint have much experience . I just retaliated with my leads, who did nothing but gave back diplomatic answers, which pissed me off. It was then I realized that I had to switch back to dev.
Enough of dumb QA stuffs, I just asked for a release from QA project it was not all that easy convincing my Onsite Clients, but finally they agreed. Eventually even my leads agreed to release me from QA.
Rohith rolled out an offer and asked me if I was interested in taking up a Development job within the project, I agreed.

And then there was this interview with the Development Lead yesterday. It was a grilling interview for almost an hour. The questions were all about design patterns, COBOL, Coding standards and my 'Connect2Centera' tool, which I had designed for my team.
Just after my interview, within a few minutes, I recieved this mail –
Hi Rohith,
Please extend an offer to Lingesh as we talked about.  I believe that he will be an excellent addition to the team.

Well, I'm now officially back into a Development team. My new team lead already gave me a Teaser about my future work and I guess its gonna be verry challenging. Im gonna be breaking my heads most of the time in the near future, which is what I love to do :-).
But before I start this new venture, theres another package waiting to be explored, which is

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