Namma Metro in Padmanabhanagr

On our way to ITPL (30 KMs from my place) we come across a number of places where Bangalore Metro constructions are going on, so there are a number of pot holes, muddy roads, road blocks, traffic jams and all.

Both me and Bharath missed our office bus yesterday so we had to go on my bike to office.
Near Padmanabhnagar Petrol Bunk, we saw a small hole dug to fix the leaking underground water supply pipeline.

Bharath – Heyy it looks like Metros gonna be coming to Padmanabhanagar
Me- Hmm..
We looked at each other and Lolzzz..

Another funny incident that happened today.

We had booked tickets to Kaminey evening show today so we had sketched out this plan- There s this 'Town Hall' team meeting today at 3 till 5 PM, so we'll skip the meeting and sneak out of office at 3; eat out at a place near Lal Bagh, then go to the 6 O Clock show at Urvashi Theatre. In order to make this happen we had to get our bike today to office. (All these to watch a movie!!)
Near KR Puram, we saw a huge crowd in front of a movie theatre (Apparently Kannada film Raj had released). People were pushing the gates to get in to buy tickets and there was almost a stampede.
Me- Heyy Bharath look at them, how crazy people get to watch a movie..
Bharath- Hmm..
We thought for a while looked at each other and Lolzz..

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