Enough of Lazing around..

Eversince I am back from Belgium, I have had very little work at office. I have lazed around doing nothing for almost 4/5 months and to add to that I've become a major spendthrift. Ive even grown a nice belly now :-(. Initially I was happy that I dint have much work, but now Ive realised no work for so long makes ones bones go lazy, worsens life and you gradually lose interest in work. 
Well atleast now Ive realized that my life is heading towards nowhere. I was watching this movie 'A Beautiful Mind' yesterday night and all of a sudden after watching the movie, I had a kind of enlightenment (After effect of the Bar scene). I sketched out a draft plan overnight and Ive decided to stick on to it.
There are three major checkboxes in my plan which I'll have to tick before the end of March.
1. Well to keep myself busy in work, I have decided to work on a 'Value add' to my project. Its not like its a fresh idea all together., I had thought about it long back but its high time I really started working on it. It is about developing a package which automates most of the routine works at my office. I've already named my project, its called 'Connect2Centera'. 
2. I'll take up a 2 year PG program in Business Administration. I'll try to takeup Accounting, Marketing, Finance and other Management subjects.
3. I have to start preparing for my 2nd Level certification in Java- Sun Certified Java Web Component Developer. My aim would be to get certified by January end.


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