Into Commerce?

A complete thumbs down for my predictions on Petrol prices and all that blah blah in my previous post.., well I still believe the situation during August ’08 was alarming enough. I had even assumed that recession/ economic crisis was majorly due to the oil price shoot-up, well it doesnt seem that way now. Crude oil prices have crashed to less than 35$ and so are the Stock Markets.  I had earlier planned to invest in stocks once the crude oil prices crashed, and I strongly believed that would be an ideal time to invest. If I had followed my instincts and invested in stock markets then., I would be almost bankrupt by now. I’ve learnt a lesson though, never to assume things or blindly follow your instincts while in business.
I have been into technical stuffs for almost all my life, no wonder I have zero knowledge in Commerce. Infact I couldnt figure out whether its Commerse or Commerce while writing this post 🙂 I dunno why but from past few days Ive become more interested in stocks markets, investments, finance and all..maybe because I just finished reading  ‘Rich Dad poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki and another reason being I dont have much work at office nowadays.
A few of my colleagues are into stock market business and Ive seen them make good money through investments. Ive simply loved joining them when they’ve been chatting about the market fundas and all.
I even had a casual discussion about all these with my uncle a few days back, (he s an Economics professor), he suggested me not to jump into share market without understanding the markets thoroughly and suggested a few books for me to read, he also asked me if I was interested in taking up a PG course on Business Administration. Well, thats how it is now..I’l have to sit and think about it..

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