Long Weekend

Over the weekend we watched hillarios Delhi Belly… n… Transformers3…n… partied on Friday night…n…played Tennis…n…played Table Tennis…n…played Billiards…n…watched Fireworks in Boston…n…yea we had even gone out Hiking to
Mount Monadnock-
As we drove to the mountains, we could see a cloud cover over the summit. Rain wasn’t in the forecast though, so we weren’t prepared to trek in rains. As we were about 10 minutes away from trails, rains started pouring in. We were even advised not to go hiking in rains as we had no rain gear!!
Come on, after coming so far, we just couldnt return. We decided to at least give it a try and trek as far as possible.
We started our trek fighting our way along the White Cross trail. The uphill sections were a little too steep. It was quite wet, slippery and muddy in spots. On our way up, we came across a guy who’d fallen off on rocks and had dislocated his shoulders, he was being looked upon by a few doctors, it was a little scary to see him in pain. ;-(  

It was pretty cool on the top (almost top), cool breeze and some amazing views of the countryside, we had a nice time here.

Going down the mountain was a little easy as we followed the white cross again, we took not more than an hour. Tired and sweaty, we made it back to the car exhausted. I slept almost all way back home 😛


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