‘Into the Wild’ride

800 KMs 3 Days 6 Bikes 10 Bikers 100 KMpH Trek 

Me nd Bharath have joined this new gang of bikers called the wildriders, last week was our  first bikin trip with them..It was Simply amazing…

I was not sure if I would join the trip, it was Bharath who did all th coordination on my behalf, and he just sent me this mail and said evrythings set and we’ll leave tomorrow at 2..

Awesome plan guys!
Am sure you’ll all make it to Shimoga by 9 (worst case) in case you leave here by 2. I had been to Shimoga by bus 2 weeks back (day journey) and felt the road wasn’t that bad. A small stretch on the Bhadravati – Shimoga section (18 kms) is undergoing road widening and may slow you down a little. But no cause for any worries.
In case you want the bungee cords we bought in Manali, I will give it to you. Try to hang the bags somewhere on the bike so that the pillion rider can sit comfortably.
Have a great time guys! You rock!!
        On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 10:36 PM, <Sunil>wrote:
            No of ppl ->  100% confirmed
            pundu – Bike
            bharat – Bike
            Sunil – Bike
            rabs – Bike
            hegde – Bike
            charan – Bike
            Thats it .. 9 WR’s with 6 Bikes…..
            On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 3:06 PM, <Hegde> wrote:
                I think that is kool, coz 6 bike is perfect for 11 guys! but if GP come would require one more bike!
                One bike needs to have pillion empty-for emergency!
                On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 3:02 PM, <Karthik > wrote:
                    very nice draft indeed!!
                    small correction as to the bikes.. Lingesh is not getting a bike.. He’s pillion.. and GP seems      
                    pretty doubtful of coming.. so we can expect 6 bikes..
                    On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 2:43 PM, <Pawan Hegde > wrote:
                        IMPORTANT !
                        Guys! Please read the following crap, since no one would like to say these during the trip.
                        The following aspects of the trip:
                        Start Date and Time: 27th Friday, meeting at Uttarahalli circle/bus station @ 2pm (pls be
                        Petrol: Calculated based on the total KMs @40km/ltr and advance payment to Mr.Charan
                        (Finance incharge).
                        Luggage: Pls find a partner to share a bag so that the pillion would be the carrying one bag.
                        Bikes: Pawan, Ramesh, Sunil, Puneeth, Bharath, Lingesh, Charan, GP.
                        Route: Bangalore to Kodachadri – (36kms from Hosanagara, 115kms from Shimoga, 380kms
                        from Bangalore)
                        Hopefully will reach Shimoga @10pm and Kodachadri @ 3am. (Due to popular vote will be
                        riding thro’ at night).
                        So guys hope you to see you soon.
                        Enjoy Tripping!!

The mail itself was kinda inspirational to start off. It was Ugadi on Friday, so I had nice festival lunch at my place and started off. We all met near Kengeri at 2.30 as planned, got introduced ourselves to all the fellow wildriders and we set off…It was an awesome journey, the roads were excellent, we took a break near  Gubbi as it was raining over there, otherwise we kept riding on and on and on. Speeding all along, we reached Shimoga at 9PM. We had a delicious dinner and booked a decent hotel for accomodation.
Morning we started off at 4.30 and reached Kodachadri at 8, it was misty and cloudy all along, it was a little strange coz we kept sweating and never felt cold even in even in these conditions. 

The roads from base to the hill top (actually there were no roads, only the terrains) were so bad, that only jeeps were allowed.  With great difficulty, we rode our bikes to the hill top, it was a very tuff way, with hot, humid conditions on dusty terrains.
As we reached Mugilu Pete, we came across a Butter milk vendor and we drank around 50 glasses of butter milk. The place is actually called Mugilu Pete because of the movie Gaalipata..
We had already booked our cottages, we slept for an hour after our lunch. Our fellow WR, Charan made sure we slept only for an hour hehe..
We then trekked on the Kodachadri hills for a few hours. Back at cottage, we had a nice dinner, and we had a nice time during our campfire fun session and it was almost  11 when we slept. During campfire, we decided each one of us would talk about a horror incident , at the end it turned out to be hilarious than scary.
Morning we got up at 4, (again Charan made sure we woke up at 4 ) trekked till the Kodachadri hill top to see the Sunrise. We packed our baggage and started off at 7, reached Kodachadri base at 9, but had to wait till 11 since one of the wildrider (Charan again) had forgotten his baggage.
Then it was kinda drag between Bharath, Hegde and Busa till Shimoga. It was amazing how these three sped overtaking each others..We reached Shimoga at 3, had a nice chilled Beer and Lunch. It was 12 midninght when we reached our homes.
All in all it was a very well planned, fun filled and a perfect bike trip to begin with. Wildriders Jai Ho..

"The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences."
— Chris McCandless