in the meantime I get married

Phew, everything's happened so quick !!
This post's a quick re-cap on how things shaped up and how I've ended up from being 'Single' to 'Committed' and now to 'Married'.
Long long ago–
Deepthi's parents were the first to mail us seeking alliance. My mom had registered my bio data in a marriage bureau and that's how Deepthi's parents got to know about me.
Almost an year ago on May 27th 2012–
I'd completed my first marathon run 'TCS 10k' in the morning and in the evening my mom asked me to drive her to a couple of houses to "interview" girls (lolzz just kidding, apparently I've seen a few of my friends use this exact word, 'Interview'). This is when I met Deepthi for the first time.
We just had a quick chat that day, and I exchanged my mail id with Deepthi.
Few days later, we were friends on Facebook and we started talking to each other on Google chat.

I had to travel to Boston on June 30th, and I already kinda liked Deepthi. My mom called up Deepthi's parents just before I flew, but nothing got finalized yet. From Boston, we kept mailing each others building a good rapport. Eventually by the time I traveled back to Bangalore in November, we were almost like buddies.
When I came back; there were a few family get together s and that's it, everything just went clock work after that. A typical arranged marriage. After a few rounds of talks with our astrologer (Nagesh Shastry) our engagement was scheduled on January 18th 2013 and our marriage Muhurat was fixed to be on March 25th 2013.

What followed was the big fat marriage shopping; first things first – Gold purchase. Together we spent a whopping 4.5 to 5 lakhs on gold ornaments alone. And then the saree shopping- we'd been to Kancheepuram to buy silk sarees.. another couple of lakhs we spent there. :-O .
Marriage hall booking, engagement hall booking, florists, designers, photographers, caterers, bachelor's party, invitation cards, suit/shirts/dhoti's/traditional clothes …etc lots n lots n lots of preparations phew !!

As the big day neared, tensions peaked. !!
Our traditional south Indian wedding started off on 22nd March with Deekshey, Arishina function, Devara oota..etc.
On 24th morning, the baraat consisting a 45 seat bus followed by 5 cars including 20 of my 'wildride' friends started our journey towards Shimoga (starting from Bangalore). We reached Shimoga at around 3 pm. Marriage function continued with Vara pooje, reception, photo sessions n lots n lots of formalities. The surprise event was bursting the crackers in the middle of the reception.

25th: Traditional rituals started off early morning and continued till the Muhurat, finally it all boiled down to this moment –> mangalyam tantunanena….

Nope not over yet, more poojas and formalities followed even after the main Muhurat till late in the afternoon.
Omg with tired legs and super hungry, we had to wait real long for our lunch.

After lunch was the heart warming good bye moments between Deepthi and her relatives. ;-(

With all my friends, we drove back towards Bangalore together. We reached our home around 9 ish. Tadaaa!! a few more poojas and formalities back home.

A few days later was the Beegara oota and then off we go on Honeymoon to Mauritius. !! Finally,, peace !! Happies 🙂

PS- I haven't written much about the wildride gang, but their presence is what made the entire function happening. My marriage wouldn't have been as exciting if not for the Wildriders.. kudos to the WR gang..