Tour de France..Day 2

After an amazing day at Paris, we headed towards Versailles on Day2. Its super close to Paris, only an hours journey in train. Its definitely a place travellers visiting Paris can look foward to visit. Its also well connected on rails. The railway station is so close to the palace, its just a small walk to the palace.

                            ——————–Royal Palace of Versailles ——————-

As we entered the palace compounds, we found that the palace (also called as "Château de Versailles"), was closed for the day. After an hours journey from Paris, we felt like damn.. But we were told that the gardens were more interesting than the palace. After coming so far, we thought of atleast watching the gardens, and bought tickets for the palace gardens alone… The gardens turned out to be an ultimate one. Hehh.. thats the advantage of travelling in Europe, evrythings a worth watch :-)…

————–King Louis Gardens, Versailles ———————-

These are just a few pics, but there is nothing in these to do the slightest justice to the incredible gardens at Versailles. These French style gardens are a definite worth watch with lush greens around, fountains and all..All we did was wandered around in these incredible gardens for a few hours. Its so big, that it’ll take almost a couple of hours to go from one end of the garden to another. Apollo Fountain, La Colonnade, Latona Fountains, Grand Commande were all amazing..
We had our lunch at Versailles, did lots of shopping and we headed back to Paris.

————————La Defense, Paris——————————-

———————Grand Arch, La Defense————————–

After watching all the historic and cultural backdrop of Paris, it was a huge contrast when we reached the modern part of Paris – ‘La Defense’, which is a business suburb with lots of skyscrapers and modern buildings including the Grand Arch. Grand Arch is actually 2 huge buildings connected in a way that makes it look like a hollow cube. It looks small in the above pic, but it actually is gigantic..For a while we relaxed watching skateboarders who were doing tricks and filming in front of Grand Arch.
After La Defense, we took a metro to Notre Dame church. Since the line was huge, we skipped going inside the church. Instead, we walked on the riverbed for a while.
It was almost 5, and we had to make it to Eurolines bus terminal before 5.30. We had a quick bite and hurried. I almost slept all the while from Paris till Brussels. At Brussels, since we already had the weekend pass, we dint have to buy train tickets to Mechelen. We reached our apartment at around 12 and our good old roomie had prepared nice dinner for us :-). As I slept, I just  could’nt believe I’d been to Paris.
I still feel as if I am standing next to Eiffel Tower, Louvre and all..