Globe trotting post marriage

It's been hardly three months since I got married, and I'm already half way around the globe. First trip was a 7 day Mauritius tour. This was one of the most if not the most exotic holidays I've ever been to.
Five start hotels, cozy cottages, resorts, what not !

A few weeks later we were in Chennai, for what? any guesses? US Visa of course..
Stay in Ginger Hotel, beaches, movies, Shatabdi express and the most happy moment of all: Visa approval – A weekend well spent

USA trip: Another couple of weeks pass by, and we head half way across the globe to Boston. Deepthi had a tough time convincing her managers to get her leaves approved though.
And the planning begins, we virtually spent every weekend doing something or the other – Here's a quick list of stuff we did — Boston Night out, Strawberry picking, 4th of July celebration at Charles river, Niagara falls and Thousand Islands, Nascar Cola Cola Sprint Cup, Bon Jovi concert at Patriots place, Boston Tomatino, 5k Mud run, Kayaking on the Concord rivers, hiking at Bash Bish falls, Cliff walk at Newport and of course lots of shopping.

Canada trip: We went to Toronto to meet my brother and his family. Another fun filled 4 days we spent in Toronto.

a lot of activities planned ahead..  

US ways of life that I love

Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, amazon, Dealnews
Car drives, Regal Cinemas, Gym
Natick, Wrentham, Walmart, Patel brothers, BJs
Dunkin donuts, Starbucks, Sichuan, iHop, Chipotle, Office canteen salad n Casadilla
Office, office, office, office, office and weekend
Lots a phone calls to India
All these with the numero uno reason to travel to US $$$$$$ss.. 

I'm back in US today n I'm here for another 4 months.. 🙂

In US Again

I am now working on a project in EMC Symmetrix.
No much work, no tension either. I’m in office right now listening to ‘The Doors’ channel on Pandora.
Listening on Pandora? Ohh ya.. by the way I am in US now, I hadn’t blogged about my US travel. Actually I’m in US for over a month now. A a weird month so far, with work-loads coming as in a Sinusoidal wave.

I joined Symmetrix sometime in May, and as soon as I completed my couple of weeks of training in Bangalore, I traveled to Hopkinton. US travel within 2 weeks of joining a project, thats just wow!!