Ride on #1 Roller Coaster in the world

I already had a Six flags seasonal pass, and I could take my friends along with me for 14$ each, maybe because of this only reason we decided to go to Six Flags today.
In fact till today morning, I never knew I will be going to Six Flags in the first place. 
At Six Flags, I rocked and rolled on a number of roller coaster rides, first it was the Pandemonium, and then Mind Eraser, and then Batman- The Dark Knight, and Minda Eraser again, and finally the number1 roller coaster ride in the whole world: Superman- ‘Bizarro’ Ride of Steel. And it was simply..wait for it.. ”Awesome”..
Weather was amazing too, and we spent a large amount of time at the Hurricane Harbor, the water park.
It was a very tiring day in the end and we have plans for tomorrow as well..
Tomorrow, the 4th of July, we will be hitting Cape Cod – Martha’s Vineyard.