EMC Sports Day @ ITPL : Cloud Raiders’ day

The very next day Team India ousted Aussies out of the World Cup…Cloud Raiders(EMC Centera/C4/Atmos Team) had a bigger day on field. TCS had organised a sports day event called 'Dawn to Dusk, our team was looking forward to put up a decent performance on field. This post is all about our day out on field.
Day breakup-


Team: Sabapathy (Captain) –Centre Field, Jaymohan/Abhsihek/Lingesh – Forward, Hari/Vishwas – Defence, Shashi Thakur- Goalie
Semi finals was against the rivals from ODC4(Solutions). We won comfortably by 3-0. (Saba hit 2 goals, Lingesh hit 1 goal). This was a clean kill. NO chance for the opposition. Superb match, all the opposition did was watch us play some brilliant passes. There was one incident: While tackling, one of the player had a great fall and tried to abuse me. But that was soon sorted out.
Finals was against Metasession ODC-6. This match belonged to the hat-trick boy Abhishek Chatterjee, who scored all the 3 goals. It was a neat match, which we won comfortably again. Shashi, our goalie made a few brilliant saves. Everyone were dead tired since it we played under scorching Sun.
And at 2.15..Refree blew the whistle.. Boom – We lift the cup. A 3-0 win. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Volley Ball:

Match1 (League Stage):
Toss Won: Cloud Raiders
Team: Akshay(Sandeep), Vadi, Vijeth, SandeepHeranjal, Smrutha, VijayVithal
Clash: ODC5 (Symmetrix) v/s ODC2 (Cloud Raiders- CenteraC4)
Result: Cloud Raiders Win by 21-15
Match Summary:
Nice winning start to the Raiders. It was 15-15 at one point, but cruised from there to a victory

Match2: (Semi Finals)
Toss Won: Cloud Raiders
Team: Akshay(Capt), Vadi, Vijeth, SandeepHeranjal, Smrutha, [Shreesha|VijayVithal]
Clash: ODC3 (Navi) v/s ODC2 (Cloud Raiders- CenteraC4)
Result: Cloud Raiders Win by 21-15
Match Summary:
The opponents gave us a fight but we were always leading. It was a tough match, but the results were obviuous.

Match3: (Grand Finale)
The big match, a 3 Set game, with 15 point to win in each set
Toss Won: ODC4
Clash: ODC4 (Solutions) v/s ODC2 (Cloud Raiders- CenteraC4)
Set1 :
Team: Akshay(Capt), Vadi, Vijeth, Shreesha, SandeepHeranjal , Sabapathy
Result: Score 8-15 (Cloud Raiders Lose :()
Summary: Everyone were trying to go for the ball, no co-ordination. Silly mistakes. Lots of shouting around, crowds cheering both sides.
But we lost badly. Heads down. We trail by 1-0, need to pull off the next 2 sets. Tough ask.

Team: Akshay(Capt), Vadi, Vijeth, Shreesha, Abhishek, Lingesh
Result: Score 15-12 (Cloud Raiders Win)
Summary: We made a few changes – Lingesh and Abhishek In. It was a bad start, we trail by 3-0.
And then, fight break out. Ball clearly lands in court, referee calls it out, but then Referee to re-confirm, asks the player. And the player cheats by telling –It was out (And justifies himself by shouting- This is a game, everything's fair in a game).
Words exchanged, players losing temper. But then we displayed a classic play, the co-ordination is back in the team. Everyone playing in vengeance. 3-0 went on to become 15-12

Team: Akshay(Capt), Vadi, Vijeth, Lingesh, Shreesha, [Abhishek|SandeepHeranjal]
Result: Score 15-13 (Cloud Raiders Win)
Summary: Each sides have won a set each. Neck and neck match. Scores: 7-7 and later 9-9 and then 13-13.
Abhishek gets injured while playing the ball, starts to bleed. SandeepHeranjal replaces Abhshek. Pressure mounting in, supporters screaming, it could go wither way. Words are being exchanged among players. A thrilling victory, a close call, our boys give back a smsher return, ball lands in, the 2nd referee confirms it as In. And the whistle blows –
We lift the Volley Ball Cup as well. A thriller match comes to an end.
A big hurdle, Cloud Raiders shouting and dancing in joy. A Moment to remember.

Tug Off  War:

Team: Sashi Thakur, Sarwana, VijayVithal, Habib, Manoj Hirwani.
A brilliant team effort, the oppositions looked tough, we emerged tougher.
A display of Sheer Power by our team, we won the cup here as well.
Shashi the wall stood like a rock, and Sarawana put an amazing show in the finanls.

Clearly this day belonged to the cloud raiders. yay!!