Recession Shocker

Dec 15th ’08:
Just like any other weekday, I reached office at 9 and started reading my mails. Evrything seemed normal except that I saw a few of my seniors and leads in a sort of discussion, I dint give much of an attention to it though.
Within 10 mins or so I got an invite to a meeting to discuss regarding the latest developments at EMC Office Belgium [Our Client office]. I asked my cubicle mate what was all the fuss about.He just gave me a stare and sent me this link–>
WHAT THE….I’ve been reading a lot about recessions and it has just been just like any other news for me until now. I never ever imagined it would hit ME so soon, and so directly,
Now that it is officially here…
<biting nails><confused><screaming>NOW WHAT?? </screaming></confused></biting nails>