first time romantic ..

my romantic quotient is definitely not so impressive. I’d probably rate myself to be somewhere around 2 on 10 on me being romantic 😛 but not anymore ;), maybe I’ve improved on that rating 🙂
I proposed Deepthi today 😀
We met at ‘Eden park, Jayanagar’ for a Candle light dinner today, and after dinner, all of a sudden I gave her a red rose and proposed her this way- ‘ Ever since I read about Mayan civilization prediction on 2012 dooms day, I’ve believed that world would end on 21-12-2012, today happens to be 21-12-2012. And I’m proposing you this day. And I love you. And I believe my love towards you is so powerful that it would even avert a doomsday. Deepthi, please accept my proposal. I believe our love is so true and powerful that we will together save the world from a catastrophe. We have a great responsibility on our hands.., and I looked at her and we both burst into laughter..
Deepthi blushed red 😉 and started smiling.. as there is a saying, ‘Hasee to phasee, you smiled which means a yes’. She did accept my rose and said a ‘YES’..
Yup, she smiled and said a ‘YES’, nothing else.. (I’m at least more romantic than Deepthi for sure, lolzz)