Peru Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens in US

Important Update as on June 2017 – Latest news:
Indian citizens with US visa (and few other visas) which has validity for more than 6 months, do not need Peru Visa. Check this press release on Indian embassy website.

I’d been looking forward to go on a vacation to Machu Picchu since a long time. Ever since I booked my tickets, I’d looked over many articles on Machu Pichu, Inca and other stuff, but overlooked gathering enough information on Peru tourist visa. I ended up sprinting in the last minute to get my Peru Visa.
To start with, it was pretty difficult to understand all the information they’ve put on official Peru Conuslate website, and there is’nt sufficient information on the Internet about Peru visa. I’ve shared my experience here, so that it’l help others-

I reached NYC Peru consulate at 10 am with all my documents. The consulate was almost empty. I submitted the documents at the counter. After a couple of minutes, to my surprise they declined to process my visa. They gave me a letter which said, NYC Peru consulate would process visa only if you are a resident of NY state. Since my residential address was in Pennsylvania, I had to go to New Jersy Paterson consulate to get my visa processed.

I immediately travelled to NJ, and reached the consulate around 1PM. Eventhough the consulate was open will 1:30, they did not process my visa that day. They said it was just too late.

I ended up applying leave the next day to get my Visa done, and had to drive all the way to New Jersy from my home in PA.

Important Information:

  • Every consulate has it’s own jurisdiction for processing visa ( Peru consulates have a list which says, if you reside in a certain state, they’l process your visa only at certain consulate locations.
  • Eventhough the consulate is open till (around 1:30 PM), you have to be in the consulate atleast before 10am. (If you reach the consulate by say noon, they wont process visa for you on that day)
  • Consulate is usually open on one Saturday in a month. (Please call and verify)

Documents for a tourist visa :

  • Application Form (Refer below for instructions how to fill one)
  • Valid Passport
  • Round Trip Air Ticket
  • Hotel Reservation, Tourist Package Reservation
  • Bank statements – 3 months
  • If you’re in US on a US-visa, then you need an employment proof letter (Refer below for instructions how to fill one)
  • Proof of residence in USA – State ID card / Bank Statement /
  • Passport photos – 2 Copies
  • Application Fee – 30 USD in cash


  • Not technologically advanced process though people are very helpful
  • They take a photo on their digicam
  • Wait for 1-3 hours in the consulate
  • You’l be given a 60 day Multiple entry Tourist visa (full-page visa sticker) on your passport

How to fill Application form:

  • You can download the application form from Official Website –
  • Fill only the General information section according to your passport
  • IMPORTANT– For Permanent address, give your US residence address.

Sample Employment Letter :

To Whomsoever it may concern,
This is to certify that LastName, FirstName with Emp #EmpID is employed with CompanyName on a full time basis since 12/18/2006.
He is deputed to USA effective 06/23/2014, designated as YourProfession in US Work Address. His approximate gross salary is $Salary per year.
LastName, FirstName is currently residing in the following address as per our records: US Residential Address.
This authorized certificate is being issued for the purpose of approving the vacation plans from 03/16/2015 to 03/24/2015.
For CompanyName,