Hmm. My Introduction

I’m now all alone in my office library on a cloudy saturday afternoon with no work to do. I have planned to study for my SCWCD exams today, but as always, my ‘plans’ hardly get implemented…..

Since I have no work at office and I’m getting damn bored doing nothing for quite some time now, I guess the time has finally come for me to start off my very own blog.
Lol.. what a way to start off..
Actually I had serious thoughts of having an online diary or something of that sorts when I was in Trivandrum in December 2006… Hmm I’ll hopefully write about all those moments in my upcoming posts.


Well.. this is my first blog, so first let me introduce myself. I am a BE graduate in Computers, passed out in 2006. I’m currently working in TCS.
My moms a school teacher and my dad runs an NGO. I am from Bangalore, did my schooling in Presidency School, Cambridge, Auden High School, BHS College and completed my graduation in SJBIT….
I am 5ft5" (Sachin’s height, lol), Leo…For any more check out my profile on orkut, facebook..

I love biking, I used to freak out on my Yamaha YBX during my college days.
My favourite sport: Cricket- Had performed great during my cricketing days at school, my name was printed few times in sports columns of news papers :-)…
I love travelling places, watching movies, reading comics, newspaper, novels to some extent, slogging with VTU books during exams have made me allergic to books though..
I spend most of my free time hanging around with friends


My life has been a roller coaster since an year.. I’l write about all of my experiences in my upcoming posts…

Wow.. finally I’ve taken offff,