ILP Days

Few facts of Executive Hostel:
The hostel rent is Rs. 110 per day, so you need to pay Rs. 3300 every month from your HRA.TCS Executive Hostel has around 150 rooms – each room is furnished with 2 beds, 2 study tables, a cupboard for 2 people, a dressing table, 1 plug point for mobile phone charging and an attached bathroom – believe me, the accommodation can’t get better than this. The hostel has two outdoor shuttle courts, a gym (not many facilities in the gym though), a recreation room with a TV, carom board and Table Tennis table, a common TV for each floor and a restaurant that can seat around 200 people at a time. Each floor gets three newspapers – The Hindu, The Indian Express and ET. There is also a browsing center which charges Rs. 25 for an hour of browsing (half the computers don’t work most of the time though), a small utility shop for buying things like from pencils to badminton racquets, two STD booths and a laundry service (called Al-Khobar Laundry service; charges are exorbitant – Rs. 13/- for a pair of shirt and trousers – washing and pressing). The food served at the hostel is the restaurant is not great – and the fact that the hostel is located in a village and there are few places to go to around the hostel – you do have a number of small restaurants outside the hostel at walk able distance – recommended ones are Hotel Chennai and Veg World. Opposite Veg World is B6 restaurant, which has a pub in first floor. Also there’s Ginger on the NH highway. The best of all is a Punjabi Veg Daba, next to Ginger.

Soon I met few guys who had come from Mumbai and Delhi. We decided to have lunch at a restaurant nearby. We went to restaurant, I ordered for meals. It looked great; I had a first bite of papad and pheww!! , it was cooked in coconut oil hehh…
We somehow managed to have lunch, cam back and slept. Later that evening, around 150 people came from all parts of India. People started making groups; few guys were on the look out for girls. Well, the scenario resembled like first day as in MTV- Roadies.I happened to meet my college mate who took me to Technopark Campus later that evening. Technopark is where TCS ILP training center is located.

Technopark (Harmony at work…that’s the caption) is about 1 km from the executive hostel. Technopark has companies like Infosys, US Technologies, IBS and many unheard ones. It has two huge buildings – Bhavani Building and Nila. Technopark has other things too – it has a hospital called Ojus, a State Bank of India branch, HDFC Bank, a small departmental store, places for junk food. And techno mall is a nice hangout which has a courier office, a dress showroom, internet browsing centers – these are the things that I can remember. Check out for more

The next morning – December 18, 2006 was my first day at TCS – we travelled in vans and buses to reach TCS office- the transport cost is Rs. 17 per day (to and fro) – which is to be paid at the end of the month from your Vehicle Allowance to ‘Suresh Travels’. Like typical software engineers, all of us got ready in formals, we reached Technopark Campus at 9.

——TechnoMall @ Technopark————
All of us gather in the Auditorium, we were asked to get mentioned documents that were to be submitted. All looked anxious as we waited for a Induction speech from Colonel Nayar, who was the admin head of TCS-Trivandrum.
It was a super speech from him. He cracked a few jokes and made us laugh all the while.
We then were given ‘Tempy ID Cards’ and were divided into 6 batches T-85 to T-90, each with batch co-coordinators. I belonged to T-86, and our batch coordinator was Ms. Rekha, from Chennai. We were informed that our ILP was a 9 week schedule and it was broken into 2 phases. The first phase had the entire generic syllabus. And before the second phase, the batches would be assigned a specialization stream. (Like Mainframes, Java, .Net, Tools…). We were told that we will be having exams after each phase, which will help us in our ratings. But the fact is, it dint help a bit.

The first 25-Days Induction phase included these:
Process Models 4 slots Requirements Analysis 5 slots Design 5 slots Testing and Debugging 5 slots Good Programming Skills 3 slots UNIX and C 4 slots Data structures and Algorithms } 3 slots Programming Techniques } Operating Systems 3 slots Life Skills Oral and Written Communication 11 slots Professional Grooming and Etiquette 6 slots Business Orientation 10 slots Systems Thinking 3 slots Ultimatix and IPMS 1 slots TBEM 2 slots IQMS 3 slots ISecurity 2 slots Business Continuity Planning 1 slots

The second phase 5 week schedule was a stream-specific one.

We later had induction sessions from HR, MATC, Ultimatix- Internal Website of TCS, Library and IS. We started feeling dozy, until the TCS-Movie, which was quite an inspiring one. The movie is based on realizing ones’ dreams and the values associated with it.
We were exhausted by the end of the day. We came back to our hostel by 6.30, made quite a few friends on that day. First thing many did was, went to a shop nearby (The shop next to Veg world Restaurant and opposite to B6) to buy SIM cards for their mobiles.
Hutch phones had the cheapest tariff and also had pretty good network coverage. So I bought Hutch as well, and called my parents and friends. Almost everyone were busy on phones talking to their near and dear ones about their first day experiences. There were people from all over India. So basically, it was a cultural mix – everyone were eager to know about each other, people already started making groups. I silently watched evryone. I also made quite a few friends- Akhilesh, Ankur, Sachin, Rohit… ; we had dinner together at canteen…


The next day we were asked to submit documents. The important thing was the Personal File. The HR team addressed us, about the procedures while submitting the documents. We had Jahnavi and Babitha from HR team who addressed us. The personal file is what we were to submit to TCS by the end of the second day. The photocopies of all our certificates (attested copies only – you can get attestation done at the SBI branch of Technopark), the offer letter, the joining letter (photocopies without attestation will suffice) and a copy of our passport (in case you have one) – these are the documents that have to be attached to the personal file. The file also had a lot of documents – which we were to fill in.

The schedule for day 2 was a movie (that’s right – a movie whose title I have forgotten – it is a biography of Jamshedji Tata – an 1 hour movie, in which Kabir Bedi did the narration part. It was a good one and a memorable one too. After the movie and the break, we had our documentation. The documentation (this is different from the personal file), library induction, finance induction and bank account opening. This is where TCS collects your service agreement, your surety verification form and verifies all your certificates – actually all your certificates from class X to your Course Completion cert. of engineering/Provisional Certificate are verified, but to make matters easy, the HRs asked us to show the originals of the last semester we finished – in our case, the 8th semester mark sheet – they just look at it and give it to you back. 180 people submitting the documents made the scene look chaotic.

The finance induction was taken by Mr. Matthew told us many things other than the salary. He also briefed us about the Income-Tax structure and salary components.

Later we had a bank account opening from HDFC Bank people. We had to fill a form and collect cheque book, an ATM cum Debit card and of course our account number and Customer ID. It was again a little chaotic and time consuming. It was a stressing day but were all eager for the next day since we were starting off our classes the next day.
It was like back to school, with strict rules and regulations at ILP. It was disciplined and well planned training schedule. We were given reference-books for each subject. Books had pencil sketches and notes written all-over it.

The next 6 weeks we were busy with these books—>

GetSetGo–>ILP @ Trivandrum

I was so excited, I could’nt wait till the 18th of Dec.
I had never stayed out of my house for more than a week, this was the first time I had to travel alone. Stay was supposed to be for about 2 months, I felt more excited than worried. 
I had a TCS pre-medical test, which included Blood test ( They collected 2 full testtubes of blood) ,ECG, Ultrasound, Physical fitness test, Eye test…AND MORE
I collected my TCS offer letters, soon I got a another mail from TCS, Trivandrum which read->

Hi, Good day! I am sure you must be eagerly waiting for the Initial Learning Program at Trivandrum commencing on 18th Dec 2006. We have arranged accommodation for you at the following place. Please note the address and phone no.
Your name has already been communicated to the above address. You may check-in any time, two days prior to joining. For any clarifications you may call up at the above address. See you soon for the training!

There was an active community in Orkut, where ppl who were supposed to join TCS on 18th had lots of discussions. Even I joined the community and gathered all the information that i needed.  I booked my flight to Trivandrum on 17th morning. Soon my ILP was about to start.

17th December 06, cold winter morning, flight check-in time was at 8.30. I had packed my luggage previous day and had lots of documents to take along. My mobile kept ringing all the time till I reached airport. I had my breakfast at the airport with my family members, who had come along.
I dint feel nervous nor tense rather felt cool and excited.
I said a bye to my mom, bhabi, bro and left. Got a little late while chek-in, but made it in time to d flight. Then pheww..