World Cup is back home

A super neat finish. Team India paced this tournament really well.
Quarter-final win against Australia, gave us the belief.
India v/s Pakistan, a match of prestige and emotions. When we beat Pakistan in Semi Finals, it was like we already won the world cup.
And finally lifting the World Cup at Mumbai, was destiny.

This moment means a lot to me. I’ve been playing cricket ever since, I can remember and I’ve never seen our country lift a World Cup myself. When Dhoni/Sachin and Team India held the world cup, I got so emotional.

After the World Cup win, we (WRs) went to MG road on a drive. What a scene it was, thousands of people celebrating the win. India flags everywhere, everyone greeting each other, giving away sweets, hugging, dancing.. As a kid I used to wonder how would it have been when India got its Independance. From now on, I will relate this experience to Aug 14, 1947.