WRs in Himalayas -1

I skipped my office today. Tomorrow our bikes will be loaded onto trains, so I had to get Charan’s bike (Pulsar 150) serviced today only and also I had to buy some bike spares from J.C. road. I ended up staying at the garage till 10 PM to make sure everything was right with the bike.
Couldnt sleep well last night thinking about the trip. I got up late in the morning and could already feel butterflies in my stomach. I hadn’t packed my stuff yet !! Chimsy and me went out for a last minute shopping and made sure we got everything wanted.
Me and Chimsy reached airport at 3.30, eventually everyone joined soon. We (Chimsy, RK, Ginix, Shaz and me) had booked the 5.15 pm flight.The rest of the gang had booked different flights.
As we boarded our flight, to our surprise we saw Mr.Pranab Mukherjee (Finance Minister) sitting in the first row. We were like ‘Wow!! ..Our journey begined with a nice surprise’.
We reached Delhi at 7.30 and we took a taxi straight to Nizamuddin Railway station to collect our bikes. Delhi seemed very hot and humid. When we inquired at Nizamuddin, we we were told we could collect our bikes delivered only the next morning. Some Autowala told us he could get our bikes deliverd if we could bribe someone, but that didnt work out.
Finally we checked-into a hotel nearby and had tasty dinner at a dhaba . Shaz, who had gone out to get Basha’s bike came back (he had a nice story to tell about what all happened when had gone to get his bike) and later that night Basha, Kumar and Vinay also joined us.

20th Sept-
We reached the Railway station early but the officer who had to give the clearances came late. And then Chimsy’s bike got punctured. By the time we got our bikes to the hotel, it was already 11. And packing took another hour. 😦
We headed towards Chandigarh, with huge luggage tied onto our bikes. It was scorchingly hot and humid in the afternoon. Basha had his first fall (a minor fall) on the Delhi highway. And soon Shaz’z Fiero broke down. Things weren’t looking so good but Shaz somehow fixed his bike and we started off again, and then it was a long journey on a hot day till we reached Simran dhaba (At 4 PM). We took a small break to have lunch and then yet another long journey till Chandiragh. Our target was to reach Rupanagar, but it was late already and had to settle for Chandigarh. We stayed in a dorm that night and everyone looked tired already.
RK kept silent all the time, I wonder what he was thinking. Basha kept telling we will not be able to make it with so much luggage. We all felt Vinay was a little irritating. Shaz was worried about his bike, he felt his bike could breakdown any time. Chimsy and me decided that in worst case we both will go on our own and reach Leh at any cost. Somehow there was no ‘One’ ness among all of us.