Krishna’s Arrival

It’s been a year since the arrival of my baby Krishna’s  and I haven’t blogged about it yet. How mean of me! or rather How busy.

May 19th, 2016 evening at around 4 PM, I was in a meeting and I start getting repeated calls from an unknown number, I kept snoozing them few times but then when I received the call to give back an angry answer, it was actually Deepthi trying to call n tell me she had a water break. Well totally unprepared I was. Due date was almost a month away. tense I just stood and walked out of the meeting room, and straight to the parking lot.  I I don’t know how I reached home, picked up Deepthi and rushed to the hospital all in less than 45 minutes.

At 5 PM I’m sitting in front of Deepthi while she rests playing incline/decline on labor ward bed. Did we even think about a name for our baby? Not yet.

We were a little worried as we were about to have a late-pre-term baby. Night 1sh is when the real intense labor pain kicked in, and then our Doctor Dr. Deborah Bieter-Schultz suggested Epidural anesthesia. Unless doctor suggested, our nurse was not ready to approve anesthesia. Well, Epidural specialist walked in and talked to us very pleasantly and in Kannada. Epidural done, and we were asked to take some rest. We slept till around 8 am.

Next morning was a gloomy overcast day. Around 10.30 – at this point, Deepthi had been laboring for about 18 hours and was visibly tired.  Contractions had sped up significantly to every 5-6 minutes this is when the doctor told us it’s time! Things started speeding up. An intense 30 minutes. I was holding Deepthi’s hands and stood right beside her all the while. 11.02 is when our Baby Krishna was born. He immediately started crying as he was given his first set of immunizations. We were so so happy to hear his voice. 5 1/2 pounds, a healthy baby nothing else mattered. magical moments and a huge feeling of relief. Deepthi cried as she held the baby for the first time. So thankful to God and heartfelt thank you to all the doctors and nurses at Paoli Hospital.

As amazing as it sounds, just 15 minutes after birth, Deepthi WALKED from labor room to our ward as I carried my baby in a bassinet.

A Guru we happened to meet a couple months back at ISKCON, had blessed us and predicted we would have a baby boy and so it happened.. just as he said, our baby was born on a day filled with thunderstorms and heavy rains.

We have named our baby as ‘Krishna Aradhya’