An Epic Travel – From Boston to Roorkee

It HAS to be one of the craziest travel experiences EVER !! coz it involved a travel distance of 12,000+ kilometers half way across earth, a travel duration of over 2 days, and on all modes of transportation – air, bus, train, taxi and walk.

Unfolding it from the beginning-
I alway end up dragging my office work untill the very last minute.  My journey started off from Hopkinton (my work location in US). After I finished off my last minute office chores, my colleague dropped me at Logan Express Bus terminal (Framingham, MA). It was a 45 minute ride from Framingham to Boston Logan Airport. I was reminded by the ticketing crew that I made it just in time, and should be cautious in future to arrive on time.
Advice taken! (as always).
I was like phew, everything went just clock-work.

My flight itinerary was a funny one though, Boston-Heathrow-Kuwait-NewDelhi (Thanks to my employer’s ‘book the cheapest airticket’ policy).
Even though I had a tough time fighting off cattle class passengers at Kuwait airport, none my flights got delayed.

I reached New Delhi on time, and I had already booked a train from Delhi to Roorkee. Now, all I had to do was pick up my luggage, hire a taxi, reach railway station and board train to Roorkee. As simple as that.

By the way, did I mention why I was heading to Roorkee instead of Bangalore? ..
So as to attend my friend’s marriage in Roorkee. 🙂 ,, and obviously many of my friends too were traveling towards Delhi / Roorkee on the same day.

It had been six months since I’d met my friends, n I was a little too eager to meet them all.. I took a shuttle from International airport to Domestic airport. Shaz, one of my close friends was supposed to land in Delhi airport in an hour. So, I was like let me meet Shaz in Delhi only, have a small get-together and then let me go to the railway station. I had enough time for that.

#Kirik1- For some reason my Cell phone stopped working.

At 9 am, I met Shaz, his flight had landed on time. After a little chat, we decided to have breakfast together. In the mean time I called up cell phone customer care from Shaz’s phone and got my cell phone fixed.

Shaz said he would accompany me till Railway station since I had lot of luggage to carry., and more over his connecting flight was at 2pm. By the time we hired a taxi, it was already 10am.

#Kirik2 – Crazy Traffic Jam, we managed to reach railway station only by 9:55am. My train was at 10 am. We hurried to the platform, train had already started moving slowly, I dint have time to verify my seat, and my seat was showing as ‘empty’ on the chart so I got into the train,, .. Bye bye Shaz, thanks a lot I shouted as I waved at him, more or less like a DDLJ scene..  I put my luggage under my seat, and sigh.. I was like, Thank God, made it just in time… again!

#Kirik3 – Shaz calls me in 10 minutes, and says I had boarded a wrong train. #wtf . To make things worse, I was traveling in the exact opposite direction.
Everyone in train were trying to help me. I almost  had a thought of pulling the train chain .I eventually got down in the next station, at Faridabad with a 40 kg luggage with me.

#Kirik 4 – I had only 100 rupees with me, no debit card either.
Shaz hired a taxi till Faridabad so that we could come back to New Delhi together. This meant he’s gonna miss his connecting flight.

#Kirik 5 – As I waited for Shaz , my phone battery said 2% remaining. I was literally kicking myself for getting into such a situation on a sunny hot n humid day, that too after my 32 hour flight.
Kumar my other friend had landed in Delhi by now. I called him up, and asked him to hire a taxi till Roorkee from Delhi.
Shaz reached Faridabad, and we decided to take a local train till Delhi Railway station.

#Kirik 6 – Local train experience!!  Close to hundred people in a bogie. What an strenuous experience, a couple of days ago I was chilling out in US, now I was hanging on to my life with 40 kg bags on my shoulders in an overly crowded local Dilli train.

#Kirik 7 – Kumar missed his connecting flight.
Shaz and me reached Delhi railway station at 3ish. Baraat in Roorkee starts in 5 hours. We were still in Delhi.

When I saw Kumar at the railway station with the taxi, it was such a huge relief. I put my luggage in taxi, gave a big hug and we travelled towards Roorkee.

We reached Roorkee, just a few minutes before the Baraat started.

I met all of my biing friends, the Wildriders..

Wow, only now I could say ‘Alls well that ends well’

Shaz’s quote at the end of it – If all these hadn’t happened we would’ve missed so much fun, well what should I say.. lol

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