My 2012 year end Log book -1 of 3

The month of November, 2012 has been a Deja-vu of January 2012 to me. In Jan, I flew from US and within a couple of weeks I was holidaying in Thailand. This time, again I flew back from USA in the 1st week of November and within 10 days I was holidaying in Indonesia.
The planning, excitement has all been the same, just like in January.
October 2012: Lots n lots of video calls on Skype n Google Hangout. We booked our Indonesia/Singapore flights first. And then came the brief planning part. Lots of plannings and schemes, gosh how we enjoy during these days:)).
I ended up doing a lot of online transactions for booking hotels in Singapore/Indonesia, paying advance to the Volcano trek tour guides, getting USDs for the offshore WR boys..etc

Nov 1st: I vacated my apartments. 312, Fountainhead Apts, Westborough, MA and moved to Extended Stay Delux, Westborough.
Nov 3rd: Knights limo dropped me off at the airport. I had to ship across a huge # of electronics articles (AV Reciever+ 5 Speakers + Laptop + iPhones + iPad).
Nov 5th: Cleared immigration without any fuss at BIAL. Sunil picked me up at 6 am, and we went straight to Vidyarthi Bhavan. Belted there. Evening was about catching up with all the WRs.
Nov 6th: Met Deepthi at CCD.

I really don’t know how things shaped up, but in the next couple of weeks it was all just clock work. Like in any other arranged marriage scenario, Deepthi’s parents and our parents chalked out plans for our marriage. Deepthi and me met a few of times, and days just flew..

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