iPhone picture stream scare

so I’d been to Sunil’s place today to collect Indonesia/ Singapore trip pics, when I came back home I started browsing through all the trip pics in full josh.
After a while,, I was like wait a minute where are all the pics on my iPhone? [unfortunately my iPhone pics weren’t transferred/shared yet 😦 ] they were all gone, vanished into thin air.. but how? I never deleted them !
And then I called apple care and they said, photo streams get deleted from any ios device after 30 days.. and if they’re not backed up on iCloud, they’re all gone for good.. !!
okay,, wtf was that? how can anyone delete pics from MY phone without MY permission without even a warning.. now,, omg omg now they’re all gone 😦
All night I kept doing something or the other to un-delete pics from my iPhone. I found a tool (Wondershare Dr.Fone trail version), which detected my deleted pics, but it wouldn’t recover until I bought a full version, very funny!!
by now, I was sure pics were still there on my phone. After an hour of trial n error, somehow I was able to recover all the pics. Used a unix tool to un-delete pics from my iphone (mounted my phone in DFU mode on a unix machine).
Whatta relief..
Phew, some advantage of being a Software engineer 🙂 )

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