Linkin Park n Incubus Concert

Alarm on my iPhone's ringing loud.. I get up looking for my phone…. Aahh here it is, looks like alarms been ringing for a while…. O wait, today's not a weekend.. but my head's still banging….. I can hear people screaming when I close my eyes…. and hey whats on me, I've been sleeping with my jeans on,,, why?……. its raining outside and its cold inside..,  forgot to put AC off last night…. wait a minute I'm not in Bangalore….. Right #%^#…. but why're my legs hurting…… my Macbook's still on, so it's been not so long since I slept….. hmmm lemme check my mails….LinkinParkn I slowly walk towards my desk…. hey what are these…Linkin Park n Incubus concert tickets…. Silence for a while…… and then the smiles… Now I get it all.. MutemathBand, IncucbusBand, Chester, Mike, Rob, Hann, Brad nd Phoenix, you guys've  just Rocked my brains off last night

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