My January 2012 Log book – 3 of 3

Jan28: (Phi-Phi) 
07:30 Almost missed our cab, got up late, but made up by getting ready in literally 5 mins. AJM moment
09:00 Cruize to Phiphi Island
11:30 Checked into Hotel Flower
13:00 Rented a private Long boat
13:30 On long boat in Phi Phi waters with Dolphins around, with Pandora kinda landscape around.
14:00 Swimming at Maya Bay, The Beach beach
15:30 Diving time, Andaman crystal clear waters
17:00 Strolling on the Bamboo Islands
18:00 Amazing sunset at James Island bond kinda beach
20:00 Dinner at Phiphi
22:00 Boys with cocktail bucket
23:00 Phiphi fun begins
Jan29: (Phi-Phi, Bangkok, Bangalore) 
08:00 Checked out from Hotel Flower, cruize back to Phuket
11:00 At Phuket, strolled around at Patong 😛
13:00 Took a taxi to Phuket airport
14:00 Checked in at Air asia counters.
18:00 Thai airways check in, bye bye to Sunil (who has another day in Bangkok), final Bangkok moments 😦
23:00 Back in Bangalore, scary cab ride till home.
Jan30: (Bangalore) 
07:30 To office
16:30 I get my Fiat Grande Punto delivered Yay!!
21:00 Puja at home for my Grande Punto
Exhausted but still came to office, plans to renovate my home begins!!  
Pheww… January 2012, I've almost circled the world in this month. 
Started of at USA and now at home and what all in between. 
My brain would probably look like Medusa's swirling snakes, 
so many events back to back and it all has happened so fast, I've loved each and every moment of this  month.       

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