–One fine morning in office around 7 months back— 
Chimsy calls me – Dude we have to go to IBM and meet Monjith.
Me – Whats the big deal dude, its still 10 o clock, lets go after sometime
Chimsy- I have a news, Monjith had just called, we have to go now…

We drove till IBM, Monjith was waiting for us at the front gate…
Monjith – We got it confirmed just now, I'm gonna be father soon.
I was like whaattt!!!.. All of us were excited as we talked about it while we had tea.
As Chimsy and me drove back to office,
Me- Dude, it feels as if like Deepthi and Monjith married a couple of days ago.

Time just flies..

Chimsy and me were in office roaming around, Chimsy gets a call from Monjith, – 'Deepthi delivered a baby girl'.
I was like already?? I couldnt believe it was already 7-8 months since that day when we went to IBM to congratulate Monjith…

I had a meeting at 5 so we could'nt leave office early. 
First off, we reached Saffire toys, Koramangala at 7, to buy gifts for Deepthi's new born daughter.
We both ended up having fun in choosing gifts till 8. I bought gifts for my neice and an air-gun for myself.
With so many carry-bags in hand, we rushed on bike since visiting hours at the hospital was only till 8.45.
Deepthi, Monjith, baby and a few friends were at Cradel(Cloud Nine), Jayanagar waiting for us.

We made it in time but only after a small skid and a thud on my bike. (:-D, thanks to Chimmy's road rage)

We congratulated Deepthi and Monjith, both looked very happy. This was only the second time I was holding a newborn, less than one day old baby in my hands, feels like a miracle. (First baby being my uncle's son Nidheesh.)

One thought on “Lakshya

  1. lingeshcr November 17, 2011 / 2:14 am


    And we took more time shopping for gifts as we were looking for the
    ‘Baby on Board’ poster.

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