Last few laps of Bachelorhood

I feel its a little too early, but it’s started for sure .. the last few days of bachelorhood.
I say these words because most of my friends got  married and many are already engaged..

The first guy among my friends to get married was Prashanth, but he got married way too early if you ask me, when I heard the news about his marriage it was quite a surprise.
But nowadays it’s becoming so common, last week alone 3 of my close friends got married. And 2 of the WRs are already married now and a few are in line .. 

I’l take my time though and won’t hurry, I’m not in any relationship and I’m quite happy being single 🙂

But one things sure, there’s no ample time left.. Gott to plan these last few days properly both from a career perspective and personal life perspective

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