I got my Apartment registration done today

The financial advisor of ‘Apara’ (The first company I worked in) had given a brief session on money management almost 4 years before, and he had said these words: “If a guy owns an asset(House) and a liability(Car), before getting settled then you can consider yourself successful”.

Its official, I am the owner of an asset worth almost 30 lakhs now, quite an achievement. But its taken off all my savings done till date and I also have 13.5 lakhs worth loan and Ive also borrowed quite some money from my dad. But thats ok, I’ve plans for dealing with that.

Gosh I was literally carrying around 6 lakh rupees in my backpack all day.
I had to pay around 6 lakh in cash and 3.5 lakh in cheque to my Vendor today. But I dint have a single cheque leaf of my account. So I had to transfer all the money to my mom’s SBI account and then withdraw money from her account.
Today morning I withdrew all the cash from SBI and paid the amount to the Vendor. I also got the sale deed printed in the morning. While I did this , the apartment vendor took the LIC-Home Loan guys to his bank and cleared off his home loan account in Canara bank.
Registration was scheduled at 4PM, at the Rajarajeswari Nagar Sub-registrar office and I had to pay 15k as the registration charges 😦 apart from this everything went well.

Now.. my next target- Buying a car and reducing my loan to less than 10 lakh within an year.

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