Not a recession this time

This is not entirely new to me in this project, but again this is nothing less than a shocker.
Today at noon, I got to know that the project I'm working on, has been called OFF. Apparently everything has ended so abruptly. This news has come in at a time when I started enjoying this job.
I feel so very sad to see my colleagues walking around quietly, who had been working so hard over a few years.
At around 2 ish my colleague Lavan walked to me and told me, "Its official now, the project has been called off. Our team will be dissolved and some of us will be merged with another organization called the AT**S."
I was so involved in my work when he told me this, but after hearing this I was like Blank and I still am. I've come home now and am thinking hard while writing this blog.
Its time to return back home, to India. 🙂 ? 😦

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