Chennai Day Out

Finally.. I cleared my US Visa US interview today. Gosh, I was so stressed in the whole of November, lots of office work and there was this tension on whether I would get my Visa or not. And I’m so glad its all finally over. Its like as if I’ve cleared my most toughest exams.

My Visa interview was at 10 AM today; and it took not more than a minute. I was asked about my work experience and the company to which I work for. And that s it, my Visa was approved.
I was like ‘Is that all!!’ . I walked out of the Visa cell and took a while till I got back to my senses.
I suddenly felt like I should go to see my old house (where I had stayed for almost an year back in 2007). I caught an auto rickshaw and went straight to Besant Nagar. I walked along the roads on which I’ve had lots of fun during my days in Chennai. Nothing much had changed except that I knew no one around now. I just kept remembering my old nostalgic days and walked alone. And then I visited Ashtalakshmi Temple and spent some time on Besant Nagar beach all alone. I had my lunch at Murugan Idli shop, ohhh.. cant forget those Dosas, Idli Vada, Sweet Pongal…
And then I came back to my hotel.
I’m currently in my hotel updating my blog, and in a while I’l be heading back to Bangalore and then to the United States of America in a couple of weeks. 🙂

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