WRs in Himalayas -2

21st Sept:
We had to leave behind half of our luggage at Chandigarh. There was no way we could carry them across the greater Himalayas. It had been hot conditions all along till now, and I was so eager to experience the cold weathers.
Early morning, Basha went to dump off excess luggage at his cousins place. Shaz spent almost all morning fixing his bike, I kept playing with a street pup for a while as other packed stuff onto bike.
It took more time than expected to get set, infact it was almost 12 when we started off. And soon Kumar and Sathish were lost.. again. 
But I kept driving towards Manali, at some point it was me riding alone on my Pulsar, I kept talking to myself and my bike, I got excited looking at the lush green farms of Punjab. Only Ramesh and me were ahead, often overtaking each other, exchanging smiles, reaching upto 135 KMpH… Around 4 PM, we stopped for lunch at a Dhaba and soon Bharath joined. Others were way too behind.
Me and Ramesh were determined to make it till Manali the same day. We knew Bharath would always say yes and he would somehow convince others as well. So we left Bharath at Dhaba so that he could pass on the message and we started off. Afer an hour or so, we took a sharp turn towards Bilaspur highway. And goshhhh.. we could see the great mountains ahead,  me and Ramesh looked at each other, we both were so pumped up, we knew we were left with only a few kilometers of flat roads and further were only the mountains and terrains.
Our bikes struggled to climb steep terrains. We stopped for tea in Bilaspur, and waited till evryone grouped together. In no time it was dark and cloudy. We reached Mandi at 8.30 ish, we still had to cover another 80 KMs to reach Kullu. And we had to travel along the Bias river in the valleys. We didnt wanna miss the scenic beauty by riding at night, so we decided to halt. 
We came across a big Gurudwara (in Mandi), and decided to spend the night at Gurudwara. We freshened up [:-)]*, and had Punjabi style dinner at Gurudwara. It was my first ever experience at a Gurudwara. Everyone were so hospitable and took good care of us. 
We talked till late night, laughed and all of us had fun big time..

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