I bought myself a guitar

  Bharath bought a new guitar sometime back so I, not to be outdone, went and  bought an Acoustic Guitar! Seriously though, I’ve been thinking about buying for the  last couple of years. With the recent onsite trip I have enough bank balance, I  realized  I wouldn’t find a better time to get myself a new guitar.
 I bought a Gibsons acoustic guitar which looks just like the one in the pic. It is my  first guitar and I paid 3500 Rupees for it at a Musical Store near Jayanagar.

 I already had an old Mandolin at my place which I played very rarely, but its really  tough to find Mandolin tabs on Internet so I decided to go for a guitar.
 Ive already started practicing a few tabs- Kelade Nimageega (Song from a Kannada  movie Geetha), Karz, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Wake me up when September Ends  (Greenday).
 I found these sites very helpful ,if you are looking out to get tabs or learn guitar
 from the net, lookout for these
  www.indianguitartabs.com ,
  www.ultimateguitar.com ,

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