Rocketing Oil Prices

Protests over increasing fuel prices have been going on all over the world and hitting headlines for a while now. Its been a concern for all of us, I’ll share my own view on increasing fuel prices:
Oil price exactly 10 years ago used to be around 20 US Dollars per Barrel., but now its climbed upto 140 Dollars pb. 40% increase in oil prices in last six months alone!! Reports suggest prices are heading further towards 200$ per barrel. And the worst part is, most of the countries are not prepared for such a high cost of fuel, which might trigger a huge inflation (Hopefully we don’t end up in a 3rd World war due to these factors!!). Is’nt this alarming enough ?? Are we Indians prepared to face such a situation. Scary!!
Now…..Rs 5 increase in Petrol price!!   A shocking news indeed or Is the worst yet to come??..
Hmm…Lets look at the brighter side of the situation. This high fuel cost may prove a blessing in disguise. High fuel cost should make us explore for alternate sources of energy. We have a situation where we need to press on harnessing more of nuclear, solar, tidel, hydel energies. I guess its high time for all countries to invest more on R&D towards developing a more meaningful, attractive and more eco-friendly source of energy.
As of now lets keep our fingers crossed and hope oil prices come down soon..
Id like to quote a famous dialog from the movie "Jurassic Park," "Life will find a way." The incredible power of the life force is irresistible… Whatever happens we will eventually find a way out..hopefully in the near future we find a way, to live without depending much on fossil fuels..

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